Austin’s LGBT Friendly Venues

October 14, 2021

The List of Austin’s LGBT Friendly Venues!

I know more than most vendors how hard it can be on people, specifically that identify with the alphabet mafia, to find venues that aren’t bigots. Of course, luckily are oodles of amazing LGBT Friendly Wedding Venues in Austin (I do know of a couple you need to avoid unless you want bible verses thrown at you). This list will help cut out some of the apprehension.

You can contact all of these LGBT friendly venues with confidence. If you’re feeling generous, feel free to mention my name! Supporting my friendors (that’s what we call one another!) is one of my number one goals with this blog. And don’t miss a wider list of Austin LGBT-friendly wedding vendors. Everyone has been vetted and will be happy to help you with your big day!

Grove on Brushy Creek

I’ve chatted about this venue before, in a different blog, mainly because it’s affordable. I’ve also had a few weddings here, including LGBT weddings. It has an amazing landscape, a beautiful deck to get married on, and of course, the creek! I’ve photographed in the creek during all seasons and my clients love it! It has a smaller reception area that usually requires a flip between dinner and dancing, but it’s air-conditioned and even has a DJ booth. Perfect for any LGBT couple looking for that outdoorsy but classy venue!

The Addison Grove

Woweee, this is a stunner of a venue! I’ve done a couple of weddings at The Addison Grove and there are a few things I love about this venue.

1. The Getting Ready areas are great. It’s actually the prettiest bridal suite I’ve ever been inside.

2. Beautiful land and clearly, they consulted a photographer about photography because they built in a lot of cute spots just for that!

3. The barn inside is GORGEOUS and holds oodles of people. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this spot!

House on the Hill

Oooo you know I love this venue! It’s the perfect place for your shindig because they even let you stay there overnight! You can even book the weekend! That’s a massive selling point for everyone I know. Plus it’s REALLY affordable!! That’s also a huge selling point, of course. I know their website currently doesn’t show any diversity, but please trust when I say they’re really open to all orientations and religions. I’ve even photographed a Pagan wedding there!

Chapel Dulcinea

The most affordable venue on this list i.e. FREE. Chapel Dulcinea hosts thousands of weddings a year, but they also don’t care who you are, what you look like or what you believe. The difficulty is that you will struggle to find a choice of wedding days. Because it’s free, with lots of gorgeous spots for photography, weekends can sell out months in advance.

There is also plenty of parking and a new whiskey joint on site!

Thurman’s Mansion

Talk about a sweeping lawn! The only time I photographed here was for an LGBT wedding, so I know for a fact they’re one of Austin’s LGBT Friendly Venues, for sure. Thurman’s Mansion has a big interior reception hall, a massive lawn overlooking different hills, and an entire upstairs to get ready in!

The wedding I did there even had longhorns (yes, the COWS) to take photos with, which was a blast. If you’re looking for a more western feel with upscale care, this is the spot for you!

Meditation and Yoga in Austin

Rambling Rose Ranch

I love Rambling Rose Ranch! Its nature, intensified. Farm animals, a stunning dance floor with vines, plus cute little spots to get ready in. I photographed the first wedding there, with Annie and Glen. It was a stunning day and really showed what the venue was not only capable of but what it could be. I haven’t been back there since so if you’re feeling up to it…hire me?? hah!

Hotel Van Zandt

Okay, so this one is the ONLY one I haven’t photographed at but boy, it’s on the list. It’s designed beautifully. Seriously, SO gorgeous. I did a tour there earlier in 2020 (back when the world was…normal) and they have a stunning bar up top, beautiful rooms (I touched the bed Adele slept in), and all of the amazing rock-n’-roll-themed decorations. Of course, you might not be up to a hotel wedding and if that’s the case, just get ready there! You won’t regret it!


Gather Venues hold a place in my heart for the earthy feel they provide. They’re affordable and provide a relatively blank slate for your wedding day. Parking is really tight for the one in South Austin, but it can be a great Austin wedding venue if you want something relaxed!

Okay folks, there you have it! A small list of Austin’s LGBT Friendly Venues! As I said, there are plenty of venues you can check out for your wedding day, I just can’t write them all in here. The important thing is that you can contact them with confidence. And don’t miss my list of unique wedding vendors for more wedding day fun!

Have a radtastic day!

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