Let’s Learn about Austin Elopements!

Austin Elopements are where it’s going to be at for the foreseeable future. Thanks to the see-sawing of our government, it’s hard to say how many people can hang out this weekend, let alone next week or three months from now. Couples definitely need to not only have a rain plan, but a Covid plan. Right now, starting yesterday, people can’t have more than 10 people outside for a reception, but can have 50% capacity inside and meanwhile…waterparks are makin’ bank….

Yes, it’s as stupid as it sounds. *sigh*

I’ve done a LOT of elopements, mostly in Hawaii. In Honolulu, I did around one elopement a week, with people al over the world. Even though we don’t have the ocean. nearby, I enjoy Austin elopements, because they are lower pressure, short and sweet and there are so many opportunities to do unique things, like jump into the water, do a walkabout for dreamy photos you can’t do on a bigger day, PLUS, it’s cheaper for my clients and I support fiscal responsibility!

So since elopements are going to be popular, let me tell you some benefits of Austin elopements! It may not be ideal, but at the end of the day, you can get married to the love of your life and then have a massive party later! I mean, that’s technically a two-for-one deal, right?? This whole pandemic has definitely taught everyone to adjust on the fly and rework their original plans, for anything really. I know it’s difficult; lots of people had a vision for their big day and it certainly doesn’t/didn’t include masks. Of course, you can wait for things to even out or you can make the best of it. It’s okay, no matter what you decide. However, if you’re considering the elopement route, here are some of the top reasons you should consider it! If you’re looking for vendors, check out this list for peeps that make inclusivity important to them!

1. Your photography can be way more fun!

In the last month, I’ve had three couples choose to get wet for their newly calculated event! Two of the three are going to still do their bangin’ party next year, so they enjoy the experience of doing something fun and out of the box, while also still having those fancy dreamy photos later. Pools and creeks are so fun to take pictures in. Even if you don’t plan on a big event next year, doing something smaller means you don’t have to prescribe to the expectations the big wedding demands. Austin elopements provide lots of cool spots, like murals, breweries (like Jester King), Chapel Dulcinea and even next month, I’m photographing people at Pinballz for their Zoom wedding!!!

2. Less people, more splurge! 

A lot of local Austin vendors are reporting that they are seeing clients realize that when they don’t have to figure out how to entertain and feed 150+ people, their money goes further! Now you can invest in delicious food or maybe that llama you know you wanted or a champagne wall. Or, of course, you can put it towards the honeymoon! Pick SE Asia and save beaucoup money!

Elopements in Austin

3. Less pressure, less stress.

Big weddings have big schedules. Of course, I love it and it’s so fun! However, if elopements are the ticket right now, embrace the benefits, which includes being able to chill out. Of course, I’ll be honest…elopements run later than big weddings usually. However, once the ceremony is done, it’s easy as pie! Of course, while the whole concept of elopements imply stress-free, it also depends whether or not you hate your Aunt Karen and invite her anyway. p.s. don’t invite Aunt Karen.

Elopements in Austin

4. More unique touches

I’ve seen so many brides decide that because they aren’t prescribing to the “norm,” that they can wear whatever they want. F*ck white, let’s go to color! I LOVE it. Do your makeup in a funky way. Wear that bright eyeshadow. Wear those wicked shoes. Get naked. Overthrow the government. Create world peace. The options are endless!

Elopements in Austin

5. Save that monayyyy!

Elopements are overall cheaper. I’m a big believer people should not go into debt over their wedding if they can avoid it. I think of those people that spent $200k on their wedding, only to get divorced less than five years later. I know that sounds cynical, but they do say that the bigger the wedding, the shorter the marriage. I’m not sure if this is true, but didn’t Kim Kardashian spend $30 million on a wedding and get divorced three days later? Or is that Britney Spears? Or that other famous person…

Elopements in Austin

Note: there ARE downsides to elopements. Your Aunt Karen might cause a dumb stink about not being invited. I had someone ask me last year what the number one thing I’ve learned about weddings was. My answer? People can’t help but make things about themselves. Weddings are so personal and people enjoy making things personal. This will, of course, happen no matter what size your wedding. As if Aunt K could chill her shit, regardless. Here’s hoping this gave you great reasons to support the idea of elopements in Austin and perhaps book your own!

Elopements in Austin