wedding photographer austin

Welcome to this small inclusive space of the Universe where badasses come to hire their photographer. 

Lets see if this sounds like you:
– You want a wonderful wedding day that is as stress free as possible. Who gives a sh*t what the napkins look like as long as it wipes the delicious mac n’ cheese of your face?
– You want vendors who feel like friends and may actually become friends. (Come on ova’ for dinner!)
–  You’ve been looking for someone who is offbeat, bucks the norm and shakes their fist at coloring between the lines. You don’t need an in-line-colorer in your life.
– You don’t give a hoot about what other people say your wedding should be like (except maybe your mom, because she brought you into this world!).
– You are mindful of where you spend your hard-earned money, perhaps considering companies that are inclusive, donate to causes and stand for something more than just a pretty wedding day.
If you answered yes to at least three of those, then WELCOME MY FRIEND! Creatrix Photography is for those that want a little extra vibrancy in their wedding day. They want a photographer that adds oomph to it all, that treats your guests like friends and takes the time to get to know you. We invest in our clients, develop lifetime relationships with them and do our damndest  to make their wedding day as smooth as possible. We sprinkle joy in everything we do, elevating wedding days and capturing lifetime memories.
Make sure to click on our About section to get a better feel for all of this glorious weirdness that is Mx. Avery. Please be sure to let us know if you need anything!
Wedding Photographer Austin

While hiring a wedding photographer is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, hiring Jenna is really more like gaining a once-in-a-lifetime friend. Her creativity is unmatched. Her ability to handle a giant group of our drama-loving dysfunctional families was beyond impressive. Her support and instruction on our wedding day was so reassuring. Jenna took pictures of two awkward nerds that made us look like fucking models. I can’t wait to show my grandkids my wedding pictures and be like “look at what a fucking babe I was.” Jenna’s a badass warrior woman with a shining soul. She’s a firework. A unicorn. If you don’t hire her, you’ll probably regret it.

Melanie and Craig

wedding photographer austin
wedding photographer austin

Collections offered:

What will you want to see in twenty years down the road?

Every shot I take considers not only what you’ll want to pour over when your online gallery arrives, but what you’ll want to look at on your twentieth anniversary or your fortieth anniversary. Your wedding is a personal story that needs to be made into a legacy. A beautiful and sometimes cheesy AF legacy. I want to be there for all of it. I take my Creatrix Tribe very seriously.

I offer a wide variety of collection options for clients, with full day coverage beginning at eight hours. I also offer custom collections for smaller wedding and destination wedding clients. I offer kickass monthly payment plans for all clients, as well as pricing that shouldn’t make you cry into your pillow at night. I do not believe that a wedding should cause debt and I price myself accordingly.

Let us help you cultivate the perfect photography experience. Email us right meow!

wedding photographer austin
wedding photographer austin
Wedding Photographer Austin

International Travel 

If you ask anyone what my main hobby is, they’ll most likely say, “travel!” I’ve been to 26 countries, usually a badass solo traveler, soaking in a variety of cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I’ve struggled with the bathrooms in Morocco, fought with Italian men over crappy calamari, sobbed with gratuity in Prague at the wonderful life I’ve been given. I love travel. It transforms you, inspires the soul, changes your personality. To be blessed with all that AND WORK WITH CLIENTS? F*ck yessssssss. I have extensive experience with weddings, travel and travel weddings, so uhh, email me?

The links below are just a little bit of the traveling I’ve done while working!

Wedding Photographer Austin