It’s a meeting of destiny and sheer luck. At times, love is more about sheer force of will, far more often than it is about easy adoration. It doesn’t matter how you arrived to this point in your life. All that matters is that you’re here, committing to your soul’s wishes.

It’s also a little bit about cake. Okay, maybe a lot. Viva la cake!

I’ve spent the last eight years becoming an Austin wedding photographer that is all about vibrant and playful intimacy with my clients. Focusing on an inclusive approach to lifetime celebrations, it’s all about who you are, leaving the constructs at the door.  I just want to capture your kickass shindig, whether it’s a wedding or a love party. Celebrating all day with the people you enjoy the most is an epic experience and I want to be there for it all. I hunt down those small moments of the day like a basic chick looking for the first pumpkin spice latte of the season.

My goal for you: no worries, no stress, just happiness incarnate. Leave it to me to find the hidden moments of the day, the moments that are fleeting for you, especially when beer/champagne/tequila/or all of the above is involved.


While hiring a wedding photographer is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, hiring Jenna is really more like gaining a once-in-a-lifetime friend. Her creativity is unmatched. Her ability to handle a giant group of our drama-loving dysfunctional families was beyond impressive. Her support and instruction on our wedding day was so reassuring. Jenna took pictures of two awkward nerds that made us look like fucking models. I can’t wait to show my grandkids my wedding pictures and be like “look at what a fucking babe I was.” Jenna’s a badass warrior woman with a shining soul. She’s a firework. A unicorn. If you don’t hire her, you’ll probably regret it.

Melanie and Craig

You’re all about this new transition in your life, why not pick an Austin Wedding Photographer that give a damn about you as a person? I’ve been in a lot of transitions in my life and I know so well how exciting and terrifying transitions can be.  Let’s hang out, let’s build something together. Even if we never speak again after your wedding, I want you to look at your pictures and go, “damn, the only thing I did right was marrying my partner and hiring Jenna Avery.”

There is no bait and switch. While I retain the copyright, you are free to print and share your edited digital prints as you like! Send them to grandma, post on your Instagram (Check out mine here!), or invest in some large amazing wall art. No need to purchase anything afterwards. What we agree to, is exactly what you get.

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