Badass Photography for Humans

Zero cookie-cutter bullsh*t with a slap of sassy extroversion.

wedding photography in Austin

Badass Photography for Humans

Zero cookie-cutter bullsh*t with a slap of extroversion and a dash of sass. Mix all of the ingredients and bake at Hell Yeah degrees forever. ​

11 Years Photographing

30+ Countries Visited

600+ Weddings and Elopements Photographed

What you need:

A badass professional wedding photographer in Austin (we travel anywhere, tbh) who will make you laugh in front of the camera, tell your bossy Aunt Karen to shove off (politely), and of course, deliver custom artwork that will make you *feel* things.

What we have:

Expert-level skills brandished like a sword, cutting through nervousness and awkwardness like butta’. We gotchu, don’t worry! It might be your first rodeo, but we ride wedding broncos like it’s nothin’. *brushes off shoulder*

Clients With Benefits

Austin Wedding Photography


Come on ova’ bébé and have a home-cooked meal! 


We never take longer than 30 days for weddings and never more than 14 days for portraits.


Don’t worry! We aren’t just wedding photographers in Austin We travel everywhere!


Yes, it’s perfectly okay to blow up your massive heads and hang it on the walls. It’ll make you smile—swearsies.


We are LGBT-owned and open to all forms of meatsuits, orientations, and preferences for pineapple on pizza (or lack thereof). 


Help us stick it to The Man. F*ck the Patriarchy. Bigots need not apply. 

If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for a wedding photographer that you click with. Pun intended. 

It isn’t just about snapshots on one of the biggest days of your life or trying to not sob in a corner because you hate attention. You want to show the world the amazing bond between you and your partner. It’s about the link between your current self and future self. How will you care for your memories? Do you envision art that is unique, miles above the rest? Correct me if this assumption is wrong, but I’m betting that cookie-cutter *anything* isn’t your jam and that’s definitely something we have in common!

Who wants art that looks like everyone else’s?!

The connection with my clients is of the utmost importance. After 10 years of wedding photography experience (five in Hawaii and five as a wedding photographer in Austin), it’s become abundantly clear that the relationship between us will need cultivation. Don’t worry, this is the easy part! If you’re someone who cares about inclusivity, enjoys good conversation, and a fan of one or many Nerdoms, we’re going to be just fine! Nervous about being photographed? No sweat, I gotchu! You’ll have my support and guidance throughout the entire journey of this experience. Some people also think I’m funny…that probably helps. Just pretend I’m funny!


– Hire me. This is the way.


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