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Meet Jen

Do you remember that weirdo kid in school? The one that was a bit “too much”? Yeah, that’s me. I’m all grown up and still a bit too much for some. Not all, thank gods. Are you one of my new friends? Not sure yet? Let’s do a dive into who I am as a human:

I’m a “Type A/B” personality. It means I’m persnickety enough that I want things done right but my ADHD makes it impossible to be perfect because OMG A PUPPY! You get the drift. I put away my carts in the parking lot, I don’t have an opinion about pineapple on pizza, and I don’t talk in movie theatres (at home is cool). The weather is boring, but let’s take a deep dive into who you are as a person. Literally, nothing is too personal to discuss with you.

I’m fiercely loyal and I have a work ethic that exhausts me. Dark, twisted things are perfect short story fodder—which is a hobby of mine—but I love making people laugh. The complexities of life, both the ups and the downs, are exactly what I love about my job.

Being there for people, whether strangers or friends, is so satisfying. Those tiny moments are what fuels me as a human bean. Crying during Marvel movies is just as likely as me weeping over Jack’s death in Titanic (if anyone deserved to get the girl…). I’m a walking dichotomy and it’s simply who I am.

Does this make me sound full of shit? Maybe to some. If you’re still with me and eager to chat, then let’s chill. We can discuss the world and contemplate the confusing aspects of the Universe. Or just discuss Harry Potter. I’m cool with either.

So let’s see what else we might have in common.

Golly, I’m straight up *obsessed* with two nerdy things: Anything Sarah J. Maas, Pokemon, Harry Potter, and Red Dead Redemption. 

One of my favorite things to do is cook. It’s how my love manifests into the world! If you want, I’d LOVE to have you over. Let me show you that gluten-free food can be tasty. Oh yeah, that’s right—I have oodles of stupid food allergies. *sigh* If you can empathize, let’s chat!

Of course, there’s so much more to me than being a nerdy weirdo, but you’ll have to message me to find out! Click “Book Now” right up in the corner and let’s get this party started!