01. Elopements

It’s the butter to our bread & the reason I wake up in the morning with a smile. The privilege of being present with your fleeting moments would be absolutely amazing! I approach each wedding with your individuality in mind. ZERO cookie-cutter BS!

And don’t worry—I travel outside of Austin too! I’m 100% there for your elopement!

Please note: I do not photograph wedding receptions. You’re welcome to hire me for your bigger wedding, but I do not stay for receptions. I can happily outsource this for you, so it can be covered under my helm. 

Austin Queer Wedding Photographer


From engagement sessions to Just Because, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to ask us about our Adventum sessions, where we can step out of what’s normal and make custom magic for you to remember decades from now. Our portrait sessions begin at $600 plus tax.

Here’s how we can work together

I like to keep things simple

Here is my current 2023-2024 pricing. Additional hours are $300. If you’re having a micro-wedding, please reach out for a custom price. 

I will photograph larger weddings, but please know I do not photograph receptions. I can hire a trusted colleague to do this if you’re looking for coverage!


Starting at $1000

I’d Like More Info

Starts at 2 hours

All of the edited images

30 Day Turnaround Time

Planning support

Customized Experience



I’d Like More Info

Up to 1 Hour

All of the edited images


Planning support

Customized Experience


How do I book you?
After we chat via phone, video or in person, you can let me know what email you’d like everything sent to. All booking activities are done online in your own custom portal. There, you’ll see your invoices, contracts and questionnaires. My electronic secretary will also be sending important emails to you throughout our time together.
How many images will be delivered?
At least three: one for Facebook, one for your phone screen saver and one for the wall…KIDDING! On average, we deliver 75 images an hour (this varies from event to event). No memories are held back and before someone asks, NO we do NOT provide the digital negatives.
How quickly will the images be delivered?
We guarantee within thirty days. Our average is much faster.
Who is your second shooter?
Because we only work with photographers at our same skill level, we will only be able to hire approximately two months out, Don’t worry, you’ll love them and you won’t be able to tell much of a difference from Jenna’s work and your second shooters.
What is your COVID policy?
Consent is important and as this situation is ever-evolving, this answer will vary based on the event details client’s comfort level. An outdoor wedding with ten people will have a different policy than an indoor wedding with 100+ people. Your comfort is our #1 priority, so please let us know ASAP what your thoughts and feelings are surrounding this insane time period.
What are your travel policies and fees?

This is situation-based, as a trip to Mexico is entirely different from a jaunt to West Texas. We only charge for events 50+ miles away from New Braunfels, TX, and the travel fees will always reflect the immediate and true costs of what is required. Zero inflation.

What is your rescheduling policy?
Your contract will detail this further, but all voluntary reschedules are $700+. This does NOT apply to force majeure situations. This is also situational based, so please reach out immediately when/if you have any concerns or questions. We aren’t assholes and we won’t nickle & dime you.