Austin LGBT friendly Wedding Vendors

Austin LGBT friendly wedding vendors!

A list of places you can contact, without worrying about getting judged!

Welcome to the updated Austin LGBT friendly Wedding Vendors Resource!

I’ve been in Austin for five years now and decided to do a 202 update. Austin is a great city, but I’m hoping to cut out the guessing game for all humans by creating this Austin LGBT friendly wedding vendors resource! I’ve taken some names off, added others. I’m hoping this will be a good resource for everyone. No one wants to face rejection just for wanting to commit to someone and love them. I see these stories every now and again, of people being rejected based on their sexual orientation. No thank you.

I remember when I started nine years ago, the wedding industry was filled to the brim with beautiful cis-het white folk. Blondes. Brunettes. Redheads. All a size zero, all glowing with privilege. In fact, in some sections of the industry, that’s about as diverse as it gets. I remember how in Hawaii, people told me they would book me because I had bi-racial couples on their website. Let that sink in: less than five years ago, people just needed to see bi-racial couples to feel included. It still blows my mind. Nowadays…it’s totally normal, at least in most circles. So here we are, eyes turned to the new mountainous climb: finding LGBT friendly wedding vendors. Believe it or not, Texas is still filled with hateful bigots. *gasp* whaaaaat? Yep, I said it. People still experience anxiety when trying to book vendors on their wedding day and there are still people who avoid it.

I want to help with that by creating this extensive Austin LGBT friendly Wedding Vendors Resource.

I pride myself on being one of the top LGBT wedding photographers in Texas. I’ve worked hard to help clients feel welcome in the tribe. I wanted to create a list of vendors that you could contact with confidence. You can email any of these vendors (and mention to them you found them here, pretty please!) without fear of being rejected, simply because of your orientation.

I’ve worked with almost all of these vendors in person and can attest to their professionalism, kindness, and their dedication to inclusivity. While I’m clearly not responsible for anyone being spontaneously bad at their job, I’ve done a bit of research and legwork to help you out!

Seeking a gender-neutral playlist? Don’t miss this blog!

If you’re looking for help on how to plan a wedding timeline, check out this blog!

There is also a more specific blog about LGBTQ-friendly venues in Austin!

If you have any suggestions for vendors, email me at

Austin LGBT-friendly Wedding Vendors

Makeup Artist (all femme owned):



Wedding Planners & Designers (all femme owned):


Florists (All femme owned):

Invitations (All femme owned):

For LGBT friendly Vendors—If you would like to be added to this Austin LGBT friendly Wedding Vendors Resource, please let me know! I vet all websites for inclusivity before adding, just as a heads up! If we’ve never worked together, visible inclusivity is vital. If you’re looking for a better resource on how to be more inclusive, here’s a guide on how to make your brand more approachable for ALL humans!

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