Unique Austin Wedding Vendors!

Looking for some Unique Austin wedding vendors?!

There are so many different ways you can complete your event. It doesn’t have to be boring and tradition focused. How often are you going to throw a party this big in your life? Unless you’re loaded, probably never. Except maybe your fiftieth wedding anniversary but then, you can’t really twerk on the dance floor and hangovers last for a month at that age. So basically, now is the time to get down and dirty with a massive wonderful party for your friends and family!

Here are some vendors you might want to consider, to bring your wedding from a dressy Saturday night with cake to a BUMPIN’ PARTY WHERE YOU COMMITTED TO THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE! It’s a no-brainer really. 🙂 If you’re looking for another unique Austin wedding vendor, make sure to check out the best! (ME)

Big Dog Pyro

Want your event to have a *BANG*? Big Dog Pyro does it all, from sparklers to fogged dance floors to rose canons, they’ve got it. Don’t miss a chance to wow your guests!

Make sure to book them well ahead of time, some services require permits and inspections!

The Balloon Collective

Balloons are so hawt right now. Nate and Stacy over at The Balloon Collective create some of the most fantastic installations and balloon outfits. Yes. Outfits. Balloons aren’t what they used to be. Now, you can use balloon installations to elevate your event!

Ralph Fisher’s Photo Animals

I just had to include this, because how awesome would it be to have longhorns come to your event!? Chris and Adam hired Ralph’s for their big day and it was such a delight. The longhorns are so darn sweet and it’s perfectly safe!

Tiny Tails

Lezbihonest, animals at weddings is AMAZING. Tiny Tails has all sorts of little critters that will make your guests squeal in delight (or is that a nervous guinea pig? Who knows…). It’s all perfectly safe and great for all ages!

Fancy Fluff

Ever had champagne flavored cotton candy? No? What about jalapeño flavored? A fluffy king of sugar that bites back just a smidge. HIGHLY recommend this delight. Who doesn’t like cotton candy?!

Spacecraft Entertainment

Spacecraft Entertainment is first and foremost a rad DJ company. However, they can also do karaoke, which was SUPER FUN for Kristin and Andrew. Imagine belting out Britney Spears to 100+ of your nearest and dearest! How fun would that be!

The Pet Gal

I know a lot of my clients have little furry babes that they love very much! Want to have your fur babe at your shindig? The Pet Gal has you covered! They’ll watch your pet all day at the wedding and even walk them down the aisle if you need!

The Color Condition

Want a bit of unique vibrancy at your event? How about a custom installation! I really loved how this backdrop really elevated this image and I’m sure you’d be super stoked for your event too!

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