Planning a Chapel Dulcinea Elopement!?

Here are some pros and cons!

Elopements in Austin are popular and because of Corona, they’re becoming even MORE popular. Of course, there is a particular elopement venue in Austin that I want to talk about! Chapel Dulcinea! It’s FREE (they do have a formal reception space that costs extra $$$), plus there is usually plenty of parking, since the elopements keep the guest count simple. Since I moved to Austin in 2015, I’ve photographed dozens of Chapel Dulcinea Elopements. I mean, dozens. The super fun aspect of the space is that it’s easy to keep imagery original. There are nooks and crannies I haven’t even explored in this amazing affordable elopement venue in Dripping Springs. Earlier this year, when the world was normal, I even had the honor of photographing an elopement that finished with a shot of whiskey at the new distillery! It was good. It’s such a popular venue, mainly because it’s one of the only free wedding venues in Austin. Well, Dripping Springs, but you get it. Of course, it’s booked ages in advance. However, if you’re flexible on time/date, I have no doubt you can find a great time slot. Often, the free slot includes two hours, which also includes 30 minutes inside the getting ready area. It’s a small space, of course. This isn’t a getting ready area for people that desire multi-layered/creative imagery. It’s approximately an 8×8 room, so keep that in mind!

If you’re looking for great reasons to elope, check out this blog!

Chapel Dulcinea Elopements

Benefits to a Chapel Dulcinea Elopement: 

  • Outside the free venue aspect, it allows you to bring in your own special touches during your specified time slot.
  • Lots of different photography spaces
  • Allotted amount of time to get ready in.
  • Distillery nearby! Perfect to toast at!
  • Super close to Salt Lick, an extremely popular BBQ stop
  • Space for parking
  • Pokemon stops (sorry, couldn’t help myself!)
  • Close to Austin, for guests coming in from out of town
  • A lovely chapel that looks beautiful any time of day

Chapel Dulcinea Elopements

Downsides to a Chapel Dulcinea Elopement: 

  • If it rains, you’re SOL. The walk to the chapel is a bit long and completely uncovered.
  • Handicap accessible, but not necessarily handicap comfortable. Note: the point above.
  • Not a good place to do a wedding longer than 2 hours
  • More often than not, these elopements run late.
  • Nighttime elopements require an expert skill level. Don’t hire an amateur.
  • You have to bring everything in. Of course, they have a free temporary reception spot that can be great but isn’t for more than 15 people. I’ve had more than 15 before and it’s a tight fit.
  • It’s a factory line. You’re one of many weddings that day. If you’re looking for personalized care, this is not the elopement venue for you.

There you have it! A Chapel Dulcinea elopement isn’t for everyone, naturally. There are also so many different and creative ways to elope that doesn’t involve a chapel. For instance, I love Casa Cartel. There are amazing Airbnbs that would go great with your elopement, as well as Austin parks (and surrounding areas of course!). Elopements can be an absolute blast! Considering doing an Adventum Session, elopement style! We can go anywhere for an elopement, really. I’ll be excited to plan your elopement in Austin, no matter where it is! Please let me know if you need anything or have any questions! I have the perfect 2 hour collection that fits most elopement needs!

Have a wonderful and radtastic day!

Chapel Dulcinea Elopements

Chapel Dulcinea Elopements