Austin Wedding Makeup Artists

October 10, 2021

Hey girl, need some airbrush makeup?

Wanna hear about why you need Professional Wedding Makeup in Austin?

Check out all of the many reasons below! 

professional wedding makeup in Austin

You know what I love? A good red lipstick. It’s definitely a solid power color—I can rock a blue toned red like any other bad bitch in town. I love makeup in general. The lack of places to wear it recently has made me sad! For my birthday a couple weeks ago, I got all gussied up. It felt great! I have approximately eight different eye shadow palettes and while I’ll never be the next Instagram star, I’m not too shabby. Definitely better than the blue eye shadow of my middle school years. Anyone remember that iridescent almost white pinkish lipstick we were in the early 20’s? Those plastic butterfly clips we white-girl cornrowed our hair into? Think: Lizzie Maguire.

Anyway, I digress. Like I said above, I want to chat about getting professional wedding makeup in Austin. See, I know for a fact my clients are usually split down the middle on whether or not they want professional wedding makeup. Lots of my brides are chillzilas, almost never wearing makeup in their everyday life. Most of y’all just want to look your best, but not like an over-stuffed Thanksgiving turkey. Rightfully so. Since most of my brides don’t have extensive experience with makeup, they often consider skipping it. Doing it themselves or have a friend help. Boy, this always makes me uncomfortable. You want to know how many times I’ve ended up helping my brides with their makeup. Not only do I take photos, make ya laugh and impress your mom, I’ll also give you killer eyeshadow. That does detract me from doing what I’m actually hired to do though.

So, I recommend you hire a professional wedding makeup artist for your wedding in Austin. Of course, I have my favorites that I will share with you as well! Hopefully I can convince you to invest in professional wedding makeup in Austin!

professional wedding makeup in Austin

Airbrush is Queens of Kings. 

You know what will ensure you look like a melted clown? Regular makeup in Texas heat. Can we say yikes?! I’ve had more than one bride have discolored streaks on her cheeks during the ceremony. You know what sticks to you closer than a tick on a dog’s ear? Airbrush makeup.

Now, I don’t know the science behind it. Just because I wear makeup doesn’t mean I know shit about it. However, as someone who gets paid to document moments, I’ve documented a lot of moments where I wish my clients had invested an extra $150 into their day, for a lifetime of imagery that makes them feel good.

The even better part of airbrush is that contrary to its durability, it’s light as a feather on your face! It isn’t cakey, thick or distracting, even if you do sweat. And if you sweat? You’re still going to look great!

Keep Bein’ a Chillzilla

Do you know what my clients definitely aren’t? Bridezillas. Thank gods, because I can’t keep a straight face when someone is being rude. Do you know what keeps the wedding day crabbiness at bay?

Professional Wedding Makeup Artists.

Now, I do often say that hair and makeup are the #1 reason why weddings run late. More because people are trying to do it themselves or have a friend “who is good at makeup” do it. Newsflash: just because they’re good at their own, doesn’t mean they’re good at putting it on other people. That takes practice. Trust me, I know. I’ve tried. I did not quit my day job. hah!

Having an experienced and professional makeup artist come ravish your face with colors will help you relax and just enjoy the moment. If you really want to be a chillzilla, hire someone whose job literally demands they alleviate burdens.

They know what photographers need

With photography, you always want to go a smidgen heavier than you think. For instance, false eyelashes are strongly encouraged because they make your eyes pop. Professional Austin wedding makeup artists know exactly what photographers need. Did you know certain types of foundations make your skin bleached white in flash photography? Do you own setting spray? How do you avoid creasing in your eyelids when you’re all sweaty?

You’re investing in photography because it’s important to you. Your memories matter. If you’re hoping to look yourself, elevated, professional makeup is just the ticket. (This comment is geared towards those trying to decide to do their own makeup or hire someone. If you want to have a totally naked face, that’s wonderful and awesome too!).

Your wedding makeup can look natural!

Just because it’s a professional, doesn’t mean you need to look like Elvira. The best professional Austin wedding makeup artists use neutral shades, like browns and creams. It’s really all about looking like yourself. This is why it’s very important to hire a professional wedding makeup artist. Someone specifically specializing in weddings. Not a makeup artist at MAC (please don’t do this. They go really heavy). Someone who knows what will compliment your skin tones and facial features. What will make your brown eyes pop or your lip look luscious.


  1. Do a trial with your makeup artist. Make sure you vibe and narrow down the exact look you want on the wedding day.
  2. Find an actual professional. You’re looking to spend from $175-$250 for a professional hair and makeup artist. Airbrush will be on the higher end, because of the magic it provides.
  3. Make sure your artist leaves a touch-up kit! There is literally no point in using their lipstick if they don’t provide a small glob for later?
  4. Avoid adding in random people on the day. Either they agree prior, or they don’t get makeup. I recently had a wedding run late, because the bride earlier in the day decided to add three bodies, pushing the makeup artist back. Try to think ahead!
  5. Find someone who is comfortable with all skin tones! A real professional makeup artist is comfortable with all skin types and tones.

My Favs

I have some favorite Austin wedding makeup artists that I want to share with you! Tell them I sent you!


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