Wedding Tips for Introverts

February 17, 2021

Actionable Wedding Tips for Introverts

If you’re anything like me, you need some serious quiet time to “people.” Especially now, when I interact with people, I need even more recharge time because I’m so out of practice. Petting puppies, watching tv, reading a good book, a walk in the park…you can’t do things like that on the wedding day (except puppies. see: last suggestion). These actionable wedding tips for introverts will hopefully help mitigate the stress and all of those overwhelmed feelings, so you can sit back and enjoy the day more deeply.

Schedule time to recharge

A lot of introverted couples assume they HAVE to go-go-go their whole wedding day. However, as I consistently remind my clients, this is your day. You can plan it however you want! My recommendation? Plan twenty minutes (or more) prior to the ceremony to take a quiet breath and reset. Often, when I see clients overwhelmed (mostly brides), I hustle everyone out of the room and try to provide a quiet moment. It’s better if you schedule it though. You’ll thank yourself later!

Hire professionals

This might sound like an “uh durr” thing, but expenses pile up when it comes to weddings. This might be one of my favorite wedding tips for introverts! People try to cut corners because weddings are expensive. Do you know what you CANNOT cut corners on if you’re an introvert? Hiring a wedding planner. Head over to this blog to find out the different types of services an event planner can provide (and not provide). A wedding planner will be your personal bulldog, helping you keep things going smoothly, prevent stress and of course, play defense from that overwhelming aunt you need space from!

Plan a First Look

Of course, this isn’t for everyone but boy, first looks are awesome. I’ve had plenty of people regret not doing one, but not a single couple regret having this moment for themselves. It’s a spot of time where it’s just you and your partner can chillax, spend quality time together and of course, take a moment. Breath. Soak in the moment. Be mindful!

Avoid traditions

What are traditions anyway? I mean, some are innocuous, like the first dance. It stems from kings and queens taking to the dance floor, to show that the shindig has begun (which is why a lot of first dances are after the introductions). However, some wedding traditions are downright barbaric in origin, like the garter toss. Choose what fits. Hell, even if you want to do parent dances, why not have both sets up at the same time? So instead of two people, you have four people!

Aside from even reception traditions, what about the other big one, like walking down the aisle? Of course, this stems from when people HAD to get married in the church. Churches have aisles. But really, if you aren’t getting married in a church, do you really need an aisle? For some couples, I’ve had them walk in together, hand in hand. Other times, they just come in from the side, all nonchalant. Hell, if you do away with the aisle, you could do a cocktail hour THEN the ceremony, while everyone is feeling good. Walk to the agreed-upon spot, together, as a group. There are so many ways to keep all eyes off of you for awkward periods of time.

Keep it chill before the big day

For some people, it’s FORWARD MARCH the whole week before the day. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. You can go to sleep early. Drink some water and get some rest. You can sleep in. You can be alone. Of course, this might not be for you, but it’s another wonderful way you can keep things chill so you’re less stressed and not exhausted on the day!

Break up to-do tasks for each day/week/month

Some people prefer a short engagement and there is nothing wrong with that! If you’re looking to keep the stress down, it’s time to make a list, check it twice, and then check it five more times over the next few months. Break everything down into edible bites. Create a plan. The earlier you tackle everything, the easier and more stress-free it will be on the big day, as well as the weeks leading up. I wrote this blog featuring 5 ways to motivate yourself you should check out!

Keep the guest list small

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that when you narrow down the guest list, it’s still a beautiful day. The ones that mean the most to you and hopefully, the ones that don’t steal your energy. Fewer eyes on you, theoretically a bit less planning (entirely depends, of course) and more intention behind it all. When you skip the banal traditions, there is more intention that goes into the event. More one-on-one attention for your guests creates more quality memories with those you care about most.

Focus on your partner

You’re committing for a reason, right? Hopefully, you both balance one another out. Keep each other sane in this chaotic world. So of course, it would make sense that your partner can keep things more even keel. That’s why a first look and quiet time can be a great thing. Even if you don’t want to see one another prior to the ceremony, having a “first touch” can calm even the most frazzled nerves.

Make it about YOU

Want the ultimate wedding tips for introverts? Queen, IT’S TIME FOR SOME BOUNDARIES. This is your event, your day. Weddings are one of those weird and magical events that everyone wants to make about themselves. Don’t get swept up in that bullshit. Create boundaries and tell people that you appreciate their input, you value their support and you love them very much—but you’re going to do what feels right. People might get pissed but really, if there is one day you shouldn’t concern yourself with perceptions you can’t control, your wedding day should be it! Of course, this is wayyyy easier said than done. Just try to honor you and your partner over everyone else. That’s really the best you can ask of yourself.

Bring your pet!

Last, but not least…BRING YOUR FURRY FRIENDO. Dogs are weddings can be so wonderful and fun. Who better to chill those nerves than your fur babe? It’s harder to bring cats, of course, but not impossible!! I’ve photographed lots of weddings with dogs in them and it’s always such a fun adventure!


In the end, it’s about you and your partner. Do what feels right. You owe your wedding day that much, right? It can be so overwhelming at times, so hopefully, this blog will help you handle things more effectively. If you have any other suggestions, don’t be afraid to let me know!! Want a little more info and ideas? Head over to this HuffPost link for inspo!

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