Motivation…it’s about elusive as a meet and greet with Taylor Swift. More often than not, people hope motivation strikes them like lightening. I know I’m guilty of this, for sure. What if it doesn’t strike when you need it most? I’m sharing five ways I motivate myself to get over the burn out hurdle.

1. Lady’s Gaga’s Five Foot Two Documentary.

Dude, I wasn’t a Lady Gaga fan until I watched this documentary. That woman is a hard working beast, for sure! One of the most impactful scenes for me was when she was in severe pain, needing medical attention. I know that sounds awful, but when I’m in a moment where my physical meat suit is in pain and all I want to do is rest…I think WWLGD? What Would Lady Gaga Do? She would crush it. Granted, she has chefs, masseuses, personal assistants that alleviate burdens but that doesn’t mean I can’t crush it on my own!

2. Think about where I want to be in a year.

When I’m making a choice, whether it’s responding to someone negative or choosing to invest in something, I ask myself if I’m acting Big Picture or Small Picture. I LOVE instant gratification. I’m an Amazon Prime addict. If it can’t be here in 48 hours or less, I rarely buy it. Yet, thinking short term like that is often a hurdle to long term success. It’s definitely something I’m working on for myself. In a year, I want to be credit card debt free. Do I REALLY need that paper towel holder shaped like a dinosaur? Or would I prefer to be debt free faster? Asking myself questions like this will help guide me in the choices I eventually make.

3. Write down goals for the year.

I have this huge white board and in every November, I consider how I want the future year to look. I’m a massive believer in manifestation. Things don’t always manifest in the time frame we’d like, but that’s why I always also do a 101 Things to do in 1000 Days goal lists. It’s my third time doing something like that and I only recently achieved goals I set in the first list I ever created. Some goals take years and that’s okay. It’s all about taking baby steps towards the big picture. Devil in details and all that.

4. Achieve Your Goals Podcast

There is a book out there called Miracle Morning and it’s a lifestyle change that involves waking up at 5am. I think. I haven’t read it. I don’t want to wake up at 5am, it simply doesn’t fit into my current lifestyle. HOWEVER, the podcast tied to the author is AMAZEBALLS. Almost every podcast is solid useable info to apply to your every day life and/or business. I’m not big into podcasts but I sincerely enjoy this one!

5. Look up someone you admire.

Some of my favorite photographers is Hoffer Photography. I did a workshop with them back in 2018 and it changed my work forever. They’re vibrant, creative and just really nice people! When I need some creative inspo, I head over to their blog, their instagram and look at their current work. It’s a balance, because I often feel less than when I look at their work. But then, it helps me push myself for my next gig. So that is what I suggest: look up someone you admire. Learn their backstory, see if you can learn about how they function day to day. It makes them mortal and also helps you feel as if your own goals are achievable.

What are some ways you motivate yourself? Share in the comments!