Introducing: Spacecraft Entertainment

Meet a favorite Austin wedding DJ! 

   For 2020, one of my main goals is to network. I really took about two years off from it and frankly, my business and professional relationships suffered from it. I’ve cannonballed back into networking like a sweaty kid into a pool and decided to share with you some of my favorite peeps!

   I start this series with my friend Jeff Hudson of Spacecraft Entertainment, who is a fantastic Austin wedding DJ. I don’t know many DJ’s into their job as much as he is. He is constantly working on furthering himself professionally, is always extremely friendly and works hard to make sure his clients and their guests have the best experience.

I really admire him for killin’ in the industry, when most DJs avoid networking and just show up to play the top 50 white people hits (i.e. all of Bruno Mars songs and Journey). A good DJ knows how to play a crowd like a puppeteer and Jeff is a puppet master. Watching Jeff work is always amazing! Plus, my client Kristen had him at her wedding and they did KARAOKE at their WEDDING. Yes, karaoke at their wedding. It was beautiful! If you’re looking for an Austin Wedding DJ, hit Jeff up!

How long have you been with your business/industry? What got you into it?

I started Spacecraft Entertainment in 2009 after playing bass for The Spazmatics for 8 years. Before that I played bass on cruise ships and studied classical and jazz music at DePauw University. Coming out of school, my goal was to simply make a living with music. I have achieved that goal every step of the way!

What is something you wish future clients knew about your job, i.e. the amount of time/effort/education involved?

For every hour I DJ at an event I work about 6.5 hours in preparation. This includes music library preparation, client communications, music research, DJ practicing, marketing, accounting, networking, equipment management, vehicle maintenance, event setup, risk management, post-event work and much more! DJing an event (the right way) is not just showing up, plugging in, and pushing buttons.

What separates you from the rest of the crowd?

There are many things but here are a few that set me apart:

– I don’t have an ego about music. This means I play what is best for the event and crowd in front of me rather than what I like or think is “better” music.
– I have classical music training.
– I am one of only two DJs in the world that are also Certified Special Event Professionals (CSEPs).
– I never drink on the job.
– I value authenticity and integrity. I believe in striving to be your true self, being impeccable with your word, and always doing your best.

What is one of your favorite event memories?
In general I love the moments during dance time when I’m struggling to decide what to play next, I trust my gut, I make a decision, and the crowd goes crazy once that song comes on. Specifically, I love making surprises happen such as a recent wedding where the groom wanted to sing a song for his bride. We planned ahead, rehearsed, and half the audience was in tears.


Tell us three weird things about you!

1. I’m great at coming up with puns and spoonerisms.
2. I’m a big nerd – I metal detect, collect baseball cards, and love Star Trek.
3. I don’t remember song lyrics very well but can easily make up my own lyrics to existing songs.
Stay tuned for more interviews!!!

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