Check out these adorable polyamorous family portraits! 

Spring in Texas is simply beautiful. I love all of the colors! I also love it when clients come back for seconds and thirds. I’ve been polyamorous for two years now and man, few things feel as good as living your truth. I’ve been able to meet some of the most amazing people and feel a sense of fulfillment that I never knew could exist. Of course, polyamory has its ups and downs. 100%. The first year of polyamory is notoriously difficult for most people, thanks to societal training. Deprogramming is so incredibly painful. It’s why a lot of people try polyamory and then go back to monogamy: the work is intense, raw and painful AF sometimes.

My first year was a *mess*. I tried so hard to make monogamy to work in the past, which led to three divorces. Now, I have the longest healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in.

I can almost hear you wondering, “what is it like to be polyamorous and do weddings?” I truly believe relationship styles CAN be orientations. I joke (but it’s the truth) that my first relationship in Kindergarten was polyamorous. But not every CAN love multiple people and that’s okay. I still believe in commitment, into gestures of love.

The concept of family in polyamory is subjective, but watching this polycule take care of their baby has always been a privilege. Leyawinn has had a tribe of parents since she was born and it shows, in her joy. Liberty and I expressed dismay on how monogamous couples raise a baby. Since I don’t have any, raising a baby at all sounds insane. LOL!!! but even more so with only two people to rely on.

Polyamory has really taught me the concept of chosen family. Making what you want out of it. This family is a prime example, most likely something I’ll look back when a polycule naturally evolves like this one did.


Have a wonderful day, my friend.


polyamorous family portraits

polyamorous family portraits

polyamorous family portraits

Poly Family Portraits