The Benefits of First Looks

Here is a lovely list that will tell you all about the Benefits of First Looks!

It doesn’t matter if your wedding is in Austin, Hawaii or Europe, the First Look is super important! First looks have a serious importance in the wedding day! Since for a lot of brides (but not all!) this is their first wedding, there is speculation on the important or benefits of a first look. As someone who has been a bride and a wedding photographer, I would like to offer a unique perspective and tell you all of the benefits of first looks!

A moment of intimacy, without onlookers.

Let’s be real: toxic masculinity generally dictates that people shouldn’t be emotional in public. Don’t make a scene. Where are your manners. Real men don’t cry. Big girls don’t cry. No freakin’ thank you. You deserve to feel ALL of the feels on your wedding day and it’s most easy to do privately, with your partner (and me creepin’ nearby). Wedding ceremonies feel generally just like that: a ceremony. Sure, Ellen totally wept on public television as Obama gave her an award, but you’re probably not Ellen. Crying in front of an audience might be terrifying.

So let’s do it around the corner, in secret, where no one is watching. LOL jayslashkay

The Benefits of First Looks

More Time for Awesome Photos

I personally like to have at least 45 minutes with my couples for their wedding photography. I mean, when you’re investing a lot of money into something so phenomenally important, why wouldn’t you want some serious camera time??? My style of photography requires time to relax, to create moments; if you regulate all photography for the day to the cocktail hour, I can guarantee you won’t have as many awesome photos as you probably thought you would.

Enjoy Some Drinks with Friends!

An often unconsidered benefits of first looks is that usually the hour of photography people reserve is during cocktail hour. But imagine this: you’ve already spent a great hour getting couples images and so after the ceremony, we only need to spend 20-30 minutes on family photos and wedding party photos! So then you can relax afterward with friends and family, with the ability to actually enjoy the booze you’re paying for, as well as greet your friends who traveled to see you!

Benefits of a first look

No Regrets After The Big Day!

I can 100% assure you that no one has ever ever regretted doing a first look. But I have known couples that regretted not doing it. Most weddings run 20-30 minutes late. I can count on one hand how many weddings actually ran on time. So if the ceremony starts even 15 minutes late, that’s already 15 minutes out of the sole hour you reserved for photography. Imagine if you had done a first look! Then you would be less stressed overall! The amount of time you invest in your photography will usually ultimate dictate how stressful your wedding is.

Twice the Fun!

A lot of couples worry that walking down the aisle will be ruined by doing a first look. I would like you to consider this: the first bite of a delicious pie is amazing. Is the second sub-par? Or just as delicious when you realize what’s coming? (am I the only one craving pie now?)

I love food examples. 😉

benefits of a first look

But really, I have never had a couple say that walking down the aisle was diminished because they saw one another prior. In fact, a benefits of first looks gives you the only moment in the entire day to be alone and have some intimate quiet time before the hectic beginnings of the day. I make sure all first looks are private, shooing away all family and friends, to make sure the moment is purely about you both.

and finally…

A Great Way to Calm Down and Enjoy it All.

Hi, my name is Jenna and I have anxiety. Do you? I’m bettin’ you do. It’s 2019, who doesn’t have at least one invisible disorder? Weddings can be panic inducing, but if you see your partner prior, $10 says it will make you feel so much better. More relaxed, more excited. Anxiety can be a real killer on the wedding day. So much pressure! I’ve seen people break out into tears, they’re so stressed and tired. I can’t tell you HOW MANY people are exhausted on their wedding day, staying up until two or three in the morning! It happens, a facet of the beast that is weddings. But when you see your partner, it’ll wash away (mostly). It’s good to take that time, be together and enjoy everything you’re about to experience together! Please take a moment and check out my blog about being mindful on the wedding day. See if you can’t just take a few minutes with your partner and take in everything around you. You’ll thank me later!

wedding First look benefits

Well, if THAT list hasn’t convinced you, I don’t know what will! It’s a personal choice, for sure. There are tons of benefits to First Looks, here’s hoping you agree! Some people grow up hoping and envisioning a tradition and NOTHING is wrong with that. Just know that the tradition came from when women were sold as chattel and if the husband saw her ahead of time, he might back out if he didn’t find her attractive! I’m all about traditions, let’s just acknowledge where they come from!

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