Have a wedding at The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas!

When it comes to venues in Austin, Texas…it’s all about beating the heat and avoiding bad weather. You know what is guaranteed to do both? Weddings at Alamo Drafthouse!! Think about it: summer wedding in the AC, entertainment, food, reception in a neat space…all for an affordable price! What the hell doesn’t sound amazing about that?!

So here are five reasons you should get hitched at The Alamo Drafthouse. Just make sure to hire me for yours!

  1. No heat! Oh goodness, photographing a JULY WEDDING INSIDE is a blessing for an Austin wedding photographer. The movie theatres are perfect all year ’round. No need for fans, oodles of bottles of water, blotting makeup, sweating through a suit…the temperature is PERFECT.
  2. Fantastic entertainment. You get to choose from a ton of different movies. Alamo Drafthouse has a whole list and even does movie parties where they provide props, trivia and specialized schnacks. It’s a perfect and catered experience, all in one place! Plus, people get to quote along with glee!
  3. Speaking of catering, Alamo Drafthouse has amazing food! That your friends/family can eat! ALL IN ONE PLACE! No need for multiple vendors, it’s all in just one place! IT’S SO EASY.
  4. It’s handicap accessible! Not all locations are handicap accessible, but The Alamo Drafthouse has elevators and front row seating, so you don’t have to be worried about gravel, hills, grass or stairs. My wonderful bride Jennifer has to use a wheelchair more often than not, but Alamo accommodated her perfectly.
  5. You can have a themed wedding without shame!!! Have a favorite movie? You can not only stream it on your wedding day, but also have details like the invitations, cake, treats, signs, whatever…all themed to your favorite movie! How amazing is that?!

Everyone plans their wedding to suit their needs, but if you want a wedding all in the same place and accommodate anyone that requires accessibility, a wedding at the movies is an excellent option!

The Alamo Drafthouse