Here are Six Tips to Writing Wedding Vows!

Writing personal vows for the wedding day is a personal choice and it’s not the best fit for everyone. Sometimes, it’s about the party more than the ceremony and that’s cool too! However, it’s an awesome personal touch on the wedding day, sharing thoughtful words with the one you love. Guests love it too! I enjoy the tears and emotional moments it creates. Admittedly, I don’t really listen to the vows, because my focus is solely on capturing what the vows are creating, but I do know they enhance the experience.

Not quite articulate enough to know what to say right off the bat? Here are six tips to writing wedding vows, to hopefully get you started in the right direction!

    1. Write down at least twenty good memories. Which ones are the most connective, emotional or impactful? What did the moment of falling in love look like for you? Did you have a terrible vacation together that brought you closer? What is something that would be perfect to bring up, but is capable of being explained short and sweetly? This is a great place to start from!
    2. Write at least three drafts. It’s not going to be perfect right out the gate and that’s okay! The first draft is always shit. Period. When you realize that, it should help take some of the pressure off!
    3. Be vulnerable. Remind them that you love them. Say the actual words. What are some weaknesses that you want to promise to work on? Do you adopt too many dogs? Do you work so hard that you sometimes lose sight on what is important? Great vows include an admission of fault. I know that sounds counter productive, but hopefully, you aren’t entering this marriage with the idea that everyone is perfect and nothing will ever go wrong.
    4. Mention funny anecdotes. Do you argue about who controls the remote? Does your partner hit the snooze button a billion times? Did you both get food poisoning once and live to tell the tale? Do you love gardening but your partner killed your prized zucchini? Mention something that is funny, not mean. Don’t bring up resentments, bring up ONLY things you BOTH find to be funny at this point.
    5. There is no such thing as too cheesy. Trust me. I believe cheesy romance has been squashed by the patriarchy, but expressing your dedication to your partner is always a good choice. Using words like, “never” and “always” is never the best choice, but expressing how safe and loved you feel is a fantastic thing to share with everyone.
    6. Creative Delivery. I have seen some incredible vow delivery. For instance, the first photo in this blog, the groom sang his vows to his new wife. It was so incredibly moving. Naturally, your words don’t suddenly mean more with flair and showmanship, but it can be a creative touch to the day, making it all yours.

As always, the important thing is to be true to yourself and your relationship. If personal vows aren’t a good fit, that’s okay too. You do you boo!

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Six Tips to Writing Wedding Vows