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March 6, 2021

Looking for an Austin Wedding Cake Baker?

Learn a tad about the tradition first!

At the end of this blog, I’ve listed some preferred a Austin Wedding Cake Baker, but first, let’s discuss traditions. Now, I’m not a psychologist. However, like anyone who has ever taken a psychology class, I think I’m a doctor. I’ve also watched every episode of Grey’s Anatomy, so I’m surprised no one has given me a white coat at this point. Now opening a free clinic out of my apartment…

ANYWAY, I have this theory. See, after 300+ weddings and 300+ cake cuttings (yes, most people do cake cuttings still), I’ve recognized how much this tradition actually presents what the dynamic is in a relationship. First, let’s discuss what the tradition of cake cutting represents. I wrote a whole blog about what traditions mean, but let’s delve into what the cake cutting specifically means. Nowadays, we have tons of different versions for cake. Multi-tiered, cupcakes, allergen free, cake pops, etc.

It hasn’t always been cake. Things like sugar were very very rare in the olden days. The tradition began with the breaking of bread over the couples head, the guests scrambling for a morsel to obtain a blessing as well. This is not much different from the garter toss, where women used to have their dress shredded from their bodies in attempts for guests to receive the same “luck.”

Turns out though, CAKE REPRESENTED VIRGINITY. Legit, no kidding. The cutting of the cake represented the cutting of a woman’s hymen. Let me repeat that.

The cutting of the cake represented the cutting of a woman’s hymen.

Austin Wedding Cake Baker

*shifty eyes* I guess…that’s…cool…

So the smooth creamy icing, the fresh-baked cake untouched by anyone but the baker….penetrated straight down the center by the couple…sure, yeah, alright then.

Most of our most recent traditions actually originate from one very specific person: Queen Victoria. This bitch…she started a few trends that I’m not a fan of. For instance, the white dress. She wanted to personify her virginity and chose to wear a white dress. Over a hundred years later, we’re stuck with white white white dresses that turn blue in the shade. *nervous cough* I guess that’s cool too.

She also apparently started the white wedding cake with a visage of herself on top. Just a small tidbit, not really relevant here.

According to the above link, “the joint cutting (of the cake) followed by the joint and then communal sharing of the cake ritually enacts the regeneration of human society that is in prospect at every wedding. The natural fertility of the couple, expressed particularly in the penetration of the body of the female (by the joint cutting), generates new life that is rewarding both personally (as they feed each other) and socially (as they feed the assembly). The final act in the cake ritual confirms its expression of fertility even more strongly: preserving the top layer to be shared following the birth of the first child, hopefully by the first wedding anniversary.”


As a feminist and a strong believer that virginity is a construct and does not actually exist…this is disturbing. I mean, most wedding rituals are based upon the celebration and destruction of a woman’s maidenhood. Perhaps knowing way too much about it, makes me more observant. Regardless of the root of the tradition, I’ve noticed how a couple’s dynamic is exhibited in this time-old (emphasis on old) tradition.

How a couple feeds one another

represents their relationship dynamic. 

Austin Wedding Cake Baker

I’ve seen couples try to feed one another without thinking. Sometimes, one part of the couple will feed themselves first, taking the first taste without thought. Other times, one side will attempt to feed the other without even a discussion. Apparently at other weddings that are almost never my clients, people attack one another with cake, taking their resentments out on one another. I do not find this behavior okay and I’m grateful that I’ve only had maybe three clients in nine years do this.

Usually, the one that feeds the other first is more of the giver in the relationship. Naturally, this does not always hold true, but from my personal observations, it’s the theme more often than not. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome to the more giving half of a relationship. I do not say this with judgement or derision. The only time I’m judging a cake cutting is if people are smashing it in their partner’s face without regard for the sugar burning in one’s eyes. It’s just a fun way to peek into a dynamic without needing much context.

Personally, I prefer to pretend that cutting the cake represents the couple’s commitment to always providing for one another. Since few of my clients are virgins on the wedding night (yes, people have told me whether or not they are), this is how I choose to approach the tradition. I’m still pretty grossed out by the garter toss and most of the industry is as well. Its origins are straight up barbaric and even now, few brides enjoy their groom reaching up their dress and pulling a piece of fabric from their upper thigh, all in front of Daddy. LOL

Yet, I know these traditions will never fully disappear. I’m just a believer in information and making educated decisions. Want to cut the cake? AWESOME! I’m there to photograph it. I also know a cake maker that can make your cake look like it’s bleeding as it’s cut, if you really want to celebrate the origin. I’M KIDDING. I mean, about actually doing it. I really do know an Austin Wedding Cake Baker that has done that before…

Looking for an amazing delicious cake? Here are my preferred Austin Wedding Cake Baker! These choices are strictly formed from the ones my clients order from the most often!

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