Caterers in Austin!

Here are some of my favorite caterers in Austin!

When it comes to weddings in Texas, people are stupidly obsessed with BBQ. As someone who attended 2-4 weddings a month, I’m a smidgen totally completely entirely over it. Probably because I don’t like BBQ and can barely eat it anyway. But trust me when I say most BBQ tastes the same. The only variance is usually the company name. Sausage is sausage, chicken is chicken, BBQ is BBQ sauce. And I get it, truly. It’s cheap, easy and not everyone is a weirdo like me, i.e. dislikes it. However, let me introduce you to some amazing caterers in Austin that not only work with food allergies, they have unique things on their menu that doesn’t involve BBQ sauce. I even included an BBQ place, but they have such amazing delights aside from smoked meats!

Hecho and Queso

Man, talk about delightful. Hecho and Queso is run by Brooke May. I met her when she was a vendor at The Pride Shindig. She made the amazing waffle tacos you see here, with a cheese fountain. I recently worked with them again in June, at Jesi and Joe’s wedding. Brooke was kind enough to make sure I had food I can eat. Not a lot of caterers put thought into food allergies, but Brooke and her sister Candice, were so kind and professional. They have a food truck that they can bring to weddings, to make sure your food is fresh as possible!

East Side King

I’ve only worked with East Side King once, at Annie & Glenn’s wedding but the food was memorable as hell. I can’t eat it anymore, but I recall the soft bao buns with pork belly inside. It was heaven, biting into the juicy soft delectable offering. It’s a fusion of Japanese and Austin foods, which is always a delicious delight!

The Root Cellar 

I’ve already declared my love for The Root Cellar, but I want to repeat it as much as possible. They’re so amazing! All of my caterers in Austin are vetted as LGBT friendly and The Root Cellar is no exception! Allergy friendly, able to travel, wonderful customer service…what more could you want? They also like to make food fresh on the spot, which means it is delicious AF! At the Pride Shindig, they made mini-pancakes, which I couldn’t eat but boy, they photograph well!


Alright, so for all the personal flack I give BBQ, I’m obsessed with caterers in Austin that brings it all to a new level. Two words: candied bacon.


I met them at Stone House Ranch’s open house last year and all of their delicious food options blew me away. Their sides are amazing, their candied bacon is incredible and everyone is just so darn nice! So if you’re going to have BBQ, I would just go with I Do BBQ!

Austin Catering

Because there IS so much BBQ at weddings when I discover caterers in Austin that are delicious, allergen-free and delivered with a smile…I can’t help but shout it from the rooftops. I discovered Austin Catering at Audrey and Chris’s wedding this past spring at Springdale Station. They had walnut encrusted smoked salmon. I had never had salmon at a wedding before and decided to give it a try.

I died. I died from absolute joy. What is this amazingness? WHY HAD I NEVER HAD THIS BEFORE??

So, I have no choice but to recommend a superb dining experience to everyone else. Hire them, you won’t regret it and your guest’s pallets will thank you!

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