Affordable Austin Wedding Venues

Looking for a venue that only costs a single arm or a single leg? I’m kidding. Weddings can be expensive! This is probably not news to you by now, but weddings are expensive! Often, the biggest expense is the venue. Nowadays, lots of venues have very very competitive packages for couples. Some venues begin at $15k, but that’s not what we’ll be exploring today. Today, we’re talking about affordable Austin wedding venues, which I’m hoping will help you have one of the best days of your life! I’ve worked at each of these venues and can enthusiastically vouch for these wonderful venues.

This venue is gorgeous, no matter the season. I’ve photographed events/sessions here in the spring and the winter. Each season brings beautiful landscapes for your images. It’s called Wildflower Center for a reason!!! It provides endless options for photography and the reception area is perfect for a mid-range sized wedding.

This venue is so fun and a big selling point is that you get the venue for the weekend, plus you get to stay there!! Perfect place to party and then crash in a soft bed ten feet away. It has a small indoor reception site (I mean, small) but the outdoor space is spacious! Plus, all of my clients have nothing but good things to say about their experience.

I’ve photographed here in all seasons as well. It’s so beautiful, from the different lights to the creek down below. It also has a smaller reception space, it’s often quite squished. The dance area is a great size though. There is often a room flip involved, to make space for more guests. I do love the Getting Ready areas too!

Vuka actually has a couple of venues. Fun news: I’m partnered with them for micro-wedding right now! The venues are earthy, simple and a great blank slate for your designs. There *are* limited areas for photography. You definitely want to hire someone who can create art anywhere—like me!

This is one of the most popular affordable Austin wedding venues. The chapel is FREE. I wrote a whole blog about the awesomeness of this venue, which you can check out here. The options for photography is insanely varied. I think there are parts I’ve STILL never photographed, after 40+ weddings there! The only downside is the walk to the chapel is a bit long and entirely uncovered. It’s also a factory experience, with hundreds, if not thousands, of weddings happening there every year! That’s the price of a free chapel though.

I actually did their first wedding ever here. It was such a great experience. These are some of the hardest working venue owners I’ve ever met. They also have farm animals, a stunning dance floor, and a really cute space to get ready in. What more can you ask for?

This space is owned by the Amala Foundation, which benefits local youth programs. A lot of my clients enjoy this Austin event venue because it means their money is going somewhere that matters. It’s a tight space, mostly outdoors but I’ve also seen almost 200 people here! Parking is a PITA, but you can also go to the nearby bar before the ceremony. There are some benefits and downsides, but to be frank, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a venue that doesn’t have that kind of balance going on.

So there we have it! Here are some of my favorite affordable Austin wedding venues and I hope it helps you during your quest to find the perfect space for your shindig!