I just got voted as as a top photographer in Austin!

This is a story all about how…I became a top photographer in Austin…A little over two years ago, I moved to Austin spontaneously. It was the bravest thing I’ve ever done, in my opinion. I didn’t know anyone, I hadn’t even been to the city before! It had just been calling to me, for a while and I finally answered the call (to Gondor). I showed up, slammed down on the pavement and hell bent on making waves. It’s been a journey, for sure. I remember how many people told me that I needed to leave Hawaii, for a multitude of reasons. Usually, I was told this after each breakup (and there were a lot of breakups) but I kept fighting it. Call it symptomatic of being twenty-something, but I was so AFRAID. I was afraid of failing, afraid of discovering I was not talented, discovering that I really should just abandon my career. So I avoided leaving Hawaii longer than I should have, hustling myself to death purely out of fear.

I’m not afraid anymore.

Moving to Austin was not only the bravest thing I’ve ever done, but it was the smartest decision I’ve ever made. I remember spending the first night in my apartment, down in South Austin, feeling a mix of excitement and terror all at once. What if I crashed and burned? I didn’t have a lot of money in my account, only a small amount left over from my cancelled trip around the world (thanks shitty ex-husband) and I knew I had three months or less to make money. I started going to 4-5 networking meetings a month, paying out of the ass for advertisements, drinking coffee and beer with all kinds of vendors. And I manifested. I manifested the shit out of success. I visualized success, in the way of booking weddings, meeting awesome people, traveling to dream destinations. My first year here, I booked weddings in Jamaica and Italy. I did over 35 weddings and adopted an amazing fat cat. Life was excellent, but there was a ton of things I wasn’t dealing with from my past.

Then last year, after meeting my life partner Brian (damn, people were SO right…I needed to leave Hawaii!!!), I dealt with insane depression. Debilitating depression, thanks to heavy-lifting therapy. Staying in bed, literally for three straight days. Not showering, barely eating, throwing up with crazy anxiety. It slowly got worse and worse over eight months, to where I barely got work done for my clients. I would gather my strength to rock out wedding days…but would crash for days after. I was devastated and stressed, but couldn’t find the energy or motivation to get things done. I remember sobbing in bed with Brian, terrified that I was going to ruin myself, simply because my brain didn’t give two fucks. He simply rubbed my back and said, “you’ve put some hard work into your business…why not let it work for you now? Isn’t that the point? To get where you can focus on your health…while still being successful?” He was totally right, as usual. I still kept making money and while 2018 is a smidge slower than 2017…I think that’s okay too. I’ve created new focuses, things I’m really excited about.

Then today, after three months of solid work towards healing…I got an email. Three Best Rated named me as a top photographer in Austin, which I feel like is pretty awesome. While I would enjoy being named top photographer by a select few others, this is still a great feeling. It’s been a journey to get noticed in this fashion and I’m nothing but grateful. I’ve been playing major crazy catch up from 2017’s failings, working 60+ hours a week for two months. Busy season just started and again, I’m nothing but grateful. My clients this year have been spectacular and understanding. Authentic and wonderful. I feel so…so…blessed? Yep. Blessed.

It’s only March and 2018 is shaping up to being pretty amazing. So much untapped potential and I’m just getting freakin’ started. My aim is now to restart my masters, plan a another big trip to South America and start writing the book I’ve been wanting to do. I want 2018 to be everything 2017 wasn’t and being voted as one of Austin’s top photographers is a fantastic way to get this train at full speed! I am nothing but grateful for all of the opportunities sent my way. Life is good and is just getting better and better. To book me for your wedding, please head on over to Contact Us and let’s get this show on the road!

Thank you Austin, Texas.