An Interview with The Traveling Photo Booth

February 23, 2020

Check this Interview With The Traveling Photo Booth

Let me share this amazing Austin photo booth with you! Have you ever met someone who is a walking firecracker? After meeting Tina, I can say that without a doubt that I have. She is walking electricity, with boldness even I admire. She works so hard for her company, The Traveling Photo Booth, and it shows. They are an award-winning Austin photo booth. They’ve won Excellence in Community Visibility 2019 and two “Best of 2018” awards for their quality and customer service! They have even worked with top companies, like Austin City Limits, Google, Homeaway, Apple, SXSW, Kendra Scott, Forefront Networks (Trail of Lights) etc.

One of my favorite parts of the way they do business is that the images are immediately texted. I mean, it’s basically immediate, no delay. How’s that for millennial gratification?! You can also customize the look and feel of your images, making your experience branded and unique.

If you’re looking for an Austin photo booth that takes your experience seriously and will work hard to the end, I highly recommend The Traveling Photo booth!

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Why photo booths? Why did you pick this part of the industry?

Why Photo booths? Why not!? Ha Being a lover of photography and growing up around photo booths, it all goes hand in hand, and ironically the industry picked me! I have fond memories of riding my bike with friends to Kmart in the 80’s, Esprit bag packed with yes, a change of clothes and lipstick. On a mission to spend time in the photo booth, inside Kmart with a change of clothes and all. It was a ‘thing’ for sure.

I still have those photo strips today & the memories that will last forever.

When I say the industry, as in “photo booth” picked me, it’s no joke, it did.
Listen to this story:
I received an anonymous call one day from a gentleman, saying my name was on a list of potential buyers for a local photo booth business. I was like, “what? no”.
Never had I agreed to be on any kind of list, nor had I ever searched in owning my own business of any kind.  Though I was at that time in job limbo, wasn’t satisfied on what I was doing for work and really was in the status of job purgatory if you will.
Anyway, I listened to what this mad had to say/offer and hung up the phone. I mean talk about random as hell……
Later that day I could not get it out of my head how in the world this guy had my name & number. Kind of scary actually….racking my brain for days, I finally came up with a partial explanation as to how this randomness, but intriguing offer, possibly came about. This story is the only one I have to consider going off of as being true, because outside of this….I have no idea of the true nature, as to why my name was on the list of candidates, to be considered in owning a franchise photo booth business.

As I mentioned, at the time of the call, I was in job limbo, not happy with how I was earning my money…you know, the typical story.  Also at that same time, I was involved with planning my out-of-state high school 20-year reunion. Ironically planning the reunion with the same friend that I would go to Kmart with, to jump in the photo booth! We both wanted a photo booth for our reunion! But of course!
I had never rented a photo booth before; in fact, renting a photo booth at that time wasn’t really the norm, as it is now for events. Though I was planning an out of state reunion, I needed to start somewhere with my investigations, so I started calling around local Austin vendors. At the time the selection was very minimal.  I do recall coming across a company that had just started their business in Austin, I asked my rental questions for the reunion and felt comfortable enough to ask if they needed an office manager for their business since they were new and all. The response was that they were covered, they thanked me for asking, and it’s then, I recall them asking for my name & number in the “just in case” scenario, that they might want to consider me as a future employee……AND THAT is the “list” that I believe they got my name from.

Again this is the only story I have to tell on how I got into this business. The funny part is, if you know me, this business is so me, so my personality on so many levels.
I ended up contacting that guy back, two gentlemen were the previous owners of the TTPB franchise, they wanted to move on & sell their business. We talked for months about this, did the needed due diligence on my end, and my husband and I decided that this was my/our next new venture in life. Owning our own business! In an industry that fits my personality to a “T”!
I love photography, I love photo booths and we love fun! Put it all together and what do you get? Eight years running a successful, award winning photo booth business and having a blast while doing so. The End.

What is one weird thing you’ve learned about people, running a photo booth?

People are either totally into the photo booth idea or absolutely not into it. But the one’s that are not always into it, get talked into by the other. No matter what, everyone has a blast looking at their photo results.

award-winning Austin wedding photo booth

What is your favorite part of your job? What is your least favorite?

Favorite part of our job is giving people an exceptional experience, and watching their reaction once viewing and enjoying the product in all its entirety. Their reaction is our favorite part of the job. Producing quality is fun!
Also checking out new venues and meeting new people.
Least favorite:Having to say no to all the non-profits that ask for our help in raising money. We can’t do it all folks. We do a large portion of donating our services throughout every year.

Tell us some ways your business is easily separated from the pack!

The difference between us and everyone else in the photo booth world is that our photo quality is hands down the best. Professional quality is what we offer. Therefore if you wanted to enlarge a single photo from the photo strip, to a 16×20 poster size, you can & not miss a pixel.  Not only do we offer the traditional photo “booth” but we also offer the new photo “stand” option. So we’re not just the novelty, but also the quality. Our awards and reviews prove it so.

Rumor has it your photo booth props are lice free! Tell us more!

HAHA that rumor is quite right. Fresh and new props for every client. Our clients can keep their props at the end of their event. Just a little something to think about next time you are wearing that top hat provided by the photo booth company… many other parties has that been to?

Share one piece of advice you’d like to give to a potential client to help them decide on a photo booth company! 

We advise our clients to know that there are different levels of photo booth businesses out there. In our industry the saying “you get what you pay for” absolutely holds true. Compare photo quality by asking for photo samples and simply know that not all companies are the same.    


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