Everything You Need to Know About Weddings in Austin

June 11, 2021

Planning a wedding in Austin? Let’s answer some of the most common questions!

This blog will answer all of your questions and then some!

Weddings in Austin are a pretty popular idea nowadays. Who wouldn’t want to get married in Austin? There are tacos on every corner, breweries galore, gorgeous parks, and dog-friendly like you wouldn’t believe! The quirk in Austin still exists and you can find it in every inch of the city! The downside to getting married in Austin is the simple fact that there are so many options, it can be overwhelming! This blog will help break down all of the different aspects of planning an event in the great city of Austin. Keep it weird and may the odds be in your favor.

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Reasons to have a wedding in Austin

LGBTQIA+ Friendly

Austin is phenomenally LGBTQIA+ friendly. It’s really a city that is welcoming of anything and anyone. PDA is welcome and expect people to gush good wishes when they see you! You can plan a wedding with confidence, especially if you hire someone from the LGBT-friendly wedding vendors list.

caterers in Austin

Incredible Food

It’s a foodie paradise, especially for wedding caterers. Between the BBQ to the incredible alternative diet lifestyles, there’s something for everyone. The wedding caterers in Austin really bring the fire!

Fits All Budgets

Whether you have a six-figure budget or have less than $1k, you can find vendors to fit it all. If you hire a wedding planner, they’ll help you save even MORE money from years of working in the city! Read more about the different options of planners and coordinators here!

Weddings in Austin

Year-Round Wedding Season

While some locations have restricted wedding seasons due to weather, Austin is smooth sailing all year long. There is, of course, seasons that are more booked than others. If you’re getting married between March-May or October-December, better snatch up the dates quickly!


People Want to Travel Here!

If people haven’t already been to Austin, they’ll want to come here! It’s a booming city and the hottest destination in the nation right now! Of course, pay attention to when the festivals are happening. The cost of lodging can skyrocket during those! 

Live Music Everywhere!

Austin is the live music capital of the world! Come here to see some of the best performers in the world or just walk along Sixth Street to hear the aspiring singers and performers. There is even live music in the airport, over twenty performances a week! Can’t beat that!

Round Rock Wedding Venue

Vital Info to Getting Married in Austin

What is a good time to get married in Austin?

The best weather is between March through June and October through December. The winters are relatively mild compared to a lot of the U.S. so you can really book any time of the year. Discounts may exist during January/February and August. Your guests may hate you in the August heat though…


A lot of venues in Dripping Springs don’t have nearby lodging. While this is an issue being remedied, expect to invest in transportation from Dripping Springs wedding venues to the center of Austin. Rideshares are also not reliable from that area, especially at night. The most popular shuttle rental is Fly-Rides.

Plan to Visit at Least Once

If you don’t live in Austin, make sure you plan to visit the city at least once. Mainly you’ll want to taste the food you’re investing in but also, try to meet vendors in person. It’s so important to make sure you vibe with potential vendors that will make the whole feel of your big day. If you simply cannot come visit, make sure to hire an experienced wedding planner to help guide you.

Billions of Activities Nearby

Less than two hours away from Austin is Fredericksburg, Texas’ version of wine country. Gruene and New Braunfels are also worth a drive! San Antonio is a wee bit more than an hour South, with fun attractive like Six Flags and Seaworld. An hour North is Magnolia Silos in Waco. So many amazing things to do and see, right outside the city!

Festivals, Concerts, and More!

Austin is known for so many incredible music events, but there are also amazing events like the Kite Festival, Pride in August, the nearby Rennaisance Faire(s), comedy events, rodeos, and so so so much more. Depending on the intentions you have with your guests, this could be a perfect time to plan a wedding or a great time to plan a different date.

Marriage Requirements

Texas only has a 72-hour waiting period! There also isn’t a requirement for witnesses, which makes elopements so much easier!

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