Ten Quick Self-Care Ideas

Always on the go? Here are Ten Quick Self-Care Ideas to keep you sane! 

BUSY BUSY BUSY! CAN’T STOP, WON’T STOP! I read this article last month, about how being busy kills creativity. After reading it, I decided to add a new self-care technique to my daily existence: allowing myself time to day dream. Stop shoving information into my brain and instead, let my brain wander. Not all of us has an hour to do yoga or even make a healthy meal. So here are some simple self-care ideas you can utilize on the go. But don’t forget to take time to daydream. You owe yourself that much.

1. Take ten minutes to stare out a window.

Any window, really. Just put the phone down, walk away from your computer and stare elsewhere. Let your brain assimilate new info and come up with new ideas.

2. Stretch for three minutes.

Check out one of my favorite blogs about mediation and yoga. Bend over, touch your toes. Do a quick downward dog. Get that blood flowing! Sometimes, all you need is a quick stretch to wake up the body and get your thoughts centered a bit more. Try it out!

3. Take three deep breathes.

It’s scientifically proven to slow down the nervous system when you take three mindful breathes. Ease the hardworking heart and give it a quick vacation!

4. Watch fish.

Watching fish for ten minutes is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure. It gives you time to daydream and frankly, fish are so fun to watch!

5. Eat something healthy.

Even if it’s just a banana, fueling your meat suit with good shit will keep it in working order. Apple a day and all that. I often live on a diet of chicken nuggets and frozen pizzas, so believe me when I tell you…a handful of baby carrots can go a long way. LOL

6. Say hello to a friend you haven’t spoken to.

Sometimes, just a quick check-in with a friend can boost the mood!

7. Do something kind.

Give a homeless person a buck. Open a door for someone. Dole out a compliment to a stranger. Smile at a stranger. These are simple ways to feel good. It has been proven to boost moods when you do something selfless.

8. Buy something stupid online.

Sometimes, you just want to buy knives that are rainbow colored and that’s okay. Buy something dumb that will cheer you up.

9. List three things you’re grateful for.

Gratitude is medicine for an aching heart. Consider the blessings you have in life, even if it’s sometimes just being grateful the sun is out or that you’re wearing your favorite shirt. Gratitude comes in all shapes and sizes.

10. Listen to a favorite song.

Talk about mood booster! Listening to your favorite song can elevate your feels and help you charge forward into the day with a little more joy! If you can dance at the same time, EVEN BETTER! Get that blood pumping!

There you have it! Ten quick self-care ideas. Do you have any suggestions?? What are tiny ways you self-care throughout the day? Share in the comments!

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