Austin Portrait Photographer
Austin Portrait Photographer

The transitions of life should be celebrated! Birthdays, weddings, pregnancy, births, self-work…it all deserves to be preserved for the years to come. The one thing that lasts forever are printed images of all life events! It feels like we get wrapped up in the whole of the mundane bullshiz of life, and don’t pause to celebrate outside of the prescribed calendar holidays.

But you deserve it.

We will have so much brainstorming up a fun and quirky portrait session for you, that reflects where you are in life right now. Where you are right now, you’ll never be again. That might cause sadness… Or relief. Either way, this is the oldest you will ever be and the youngest you’ll ever be. Why the heck wouldn’t you get photos to celebrate that?? Let’s have some fun! Let’s have a party, let’s eat some cake, let’s whip out the silly string. You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are right now.

Let’s show the world.

Our portrait sessions start at $375 and are up to one hour of photography time, plus all of the edited images delivered on an online gallery. No gimmicks, no additional cost (unless you want to fly to Belize). Only the good good of the day, only the fabulousness that is you and whoever you want to come along. Including your dog… Or your pet iguana. I’m cool with either. Either way, contact us and get the ball rollin’!