So far, I’ve achieved almost all of the goals I set out to complete for this year. I finally got my TEFL certification (but no clue what to do with it), I paid off my credit card and even have some change in savings (although, with Corona…who knows how long it’ll last). Of course, my numerical goal for weddings and sessions is taken with a grain of salt. Weddings are rescheduled as often as they are booked right now. It’s been crazy!

The last goal is to finish my fiction novel by the end of the year. I’m in the process of completing my own developmental edit of the book before sending it to an actual editor. I’m also looking to submit some short stories to a few places, just to see how the world of publication can be. Otherwise, what the hell else is going on? All trips have been canceled, we can barely leave the house…I’m going bonkers y’all! How am I supposed to write interesting blogs if I can’t even leave the house! In one hand, it’s nice to just take the days slowly without pressure. On the other, I WANT TO EAT AND FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, I WANT TO GO SOMEWHERE. Even working out isn’t as exciting as it used to be. Life just seems to be at a stand still and I KNOW I’m not the only one feeling the pinch here. The upside is that I think New Years Eve is next week or something…right?

I have been able to go out into the world and do some sessions for current clients, which has been a blast. The heat is no joke and we’re entering “holy lordt, it’s too hot to even look outside” territory but still, time is flying by so quickly, I don’t even think Einstein took time this relative! It was so fun though, taking Paulina and Tom around one of my favorite spots of downtown and just having fun. I had leftover holi powder, which we used in an abandoned parking lot.