LGBT wedding photographer

I’m Austin based but travel all over the world! Getting married in Florida? That’s just as awesome as getting married in Mexico in my book! So don’t be afraid to hit me up!

I work with everyone from all walks of life. I am poly, kink and LGBT friendly. Your people are my people, regardless of affiliation and identity. Judgement-free zone over hurr. Please be the same!

I respond to all new inquiries within twelve hours (usually much less), so if you haven’t heard back, please email me directly at or call M-F (9-5pm) 512-808-0220. To be honest, it’s probbbbably better to text me. I’m not much for the phone, mainly because I’m normally introvert when not impressing your grandma at weddings LOL Also, if the contact page doesn’t redirect you, then it isn’t working! Please email me directly! You matter to me, so you’ll never be a bother, I promise! I love the good kind of stalking! Talk to you soon, wonderful!

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