LGBT wedding photographer

Austin is my current home and love my clients here, but I also travel all over the world!  

I’ve lived many lives in my short stint on this earth and love working with people in all walks of life. Regardless of gender, sex, religion, skin color, meat suit size, relationship orientation, etc., you’re my people, as long as we can agree that Pluto will always be a planet, no matter what those bully scientists say.

Creatrix Photography is LGBTQIA-owned and polyamory friendly. We aim to be the best LGBT wedding photographer in Austin!

As a small business owner, I attempt to have some semblance of balance within my life. I respond to all new inquiries within 36 hours (usually much less), so if you haven’t heard back, please email me directly at 

Also, if the contact page doesn’t redirect you, then it isn’t working! Please email us directly! You matter to us, so you’ll never be a bother, promise! Talk to you soon, wonderful!

You were the the most perfect human being we could have had accompany us through our big day! Truly, you did so much more than just take photos, you checked in on our planning, made suggestions in areas we were struggling and just your vibe in general is so badass! Future brides and grooms, please stop looking and go for Jenna if you want someone who is an amazing person and has the ability to just capture everything beautiful about you and your partner! These photos have captured so much of what we weren’t able to see during the business of the day and it makes me feel like i was able to enjoy every element, to you and Austin, thank you!

Carly and Samantha

Do you solemnly swear you are up to no good?