So I started writing. I have actually always wanted to be a writer, but man, it’s a difficult task. I decided to join Camp NaNoWriMo  last minute and committed to writing 50,000 words before August. I’ve been working on breaking negative coping mechanisms, so instead of sitting around and watching TV, I’m trying to focus on writing or working on my ASL class. I finished my master’s classes and I’m REALLY excited about that. I did something I had been dreading to do for two years: I did two of the hardest classes in my grad studies, simultaneously AND passed them. Seriously, in the middle of it, I almost gave up. I found myself at the task of writing an eight page paper on some bullshit and I just wanted to curled up in bed and read. BUT I DID IT. It makes me excited to restart my masters in December. It’ll totally be worth it. At the pace I’m considering, I’ll have it done by the next of next year. Cross it off the list. Clean my hands of this goal and move on.

Either way, it’s been a pleasure taking the classes and learning more about Marxism, literary theories and how to break down linguistics in a writer’s piece of work. Maybe I sound silly, but this is becoming such a passion. And now I’m writing a novel! It’s a polyamorous novel and I just simply want to achieve my goal this year of completely a first draft of a novel. I keep writing sentences and stop myself from deleting or getting caught up in editing. I’m also ignoring the voice in my head that keeps whispering, “that’s a stupid sentence. this is stupid. no one will like this story.” Stupid brain gremlins. So I’m writing this story and so far, I’ve written 7,200 words since the first of the month. It’s going to be about polyamory and I’m trying to make it young adult, but I can’t seem to make it fit into that box. Maybe it’s because I want to write steamy sex scenes on top of the tough relationship tasks for the characters. Either way, excited to see how it all unfolds this month! I have some traveling coming up and I love writing while traveling. I’M GOING TO DO THIS! I’m also going to forgive myself if I fall short of this goal.

In other parts of my life, I’m really excited to show you this bridal session. Holy crap, Lauren is gorgeous. I drove all the way down to San Antonio to Mission San Jose, which is a special location for her family. Lauren’s father proposed to her mother at the mission and he’s a long term member of the organization. Goes every week and loves to just hang out there. She wanted to surprise him with bridal portraits at the mission and I was more than happy to oblige. Of course, June in Texas means it was around 94 degrees at 11am, but it was SO worth it! The bright punchy blue skies with the soft fluffy white clouds…just really made this session. Wait until you see their wedding though!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July.


Mission San Jose Mission San Jose Mission San Jose Mission San Jose Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose Mission San Jose