If you could plan the perfect dinner party, who would you invite? What would you serve? I love contemplating things like this. My imagination is active and fruitful, almost too much, so I love mental exercises like this!

First, let me think about what I would serve. I know for myself, I love cooking for people. Catering a meal for my dream dinner is probably ideal, but not something I would probably choose to do. I also dislike the stress of cooking for more than six people, so I’m going to keep it smaller.

So hmmmm….I would make pork medallions with a vegan cream garlic gravy. I’ve never actually made this before, but it sounds amazing, doesn’t it? I even searched for recipes and haven’t found one, so I suppose this is a good opportunity to get creative!

I also REALLY LOVE fried pork chops. Maybe I’ll fry up the pork and THEN cover it in a garlic cream gravy. A twist on a beloved Southern dish!

As for sides….I have a delicious gluten free stuffing mix I love to make, with sausage and sage. It would go SO WELL with the garlic sauce. I would love to make deviled eggs (who doesn’t love deviled eggs!), with a side of homemade gluten free cornbread! As for dessert, I would make a coconut ice cream cake and my gluten free apple pie!

BUT OF COURSE! The food is not quite what makes the perfect dinner party. It’s also the people! So here are the six people (dead and alive) I would invite and why:

1. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

He’s funny, he’s smart, he’s handsome. I’ve had a crush on Ryan Reynolds since Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. Blake Lively is a goddess and the only reason I’ve watched the entire Gossip Girl series four times. HAHA! Hellooooo dream team!

2. J.K. Rowling.

It would be phenomenal to sit down and talk to one of the greatest writers of our time. I love picking the brains of other writers, to get inspiration. Writing is so hard, so it would be nice to just have some time to humanize someone I kinda sorta worship. LOL

3. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Talk about a woman shaking some shit up!!! She’s personable, kind and a warrior for the people! I want to serve her my pork chops and ask her if she does drugs, to keep herself going. hah!

4. Jesus.

I am NOT religious, however, it would be super awesome to get the real story from the real person. I do believe Jesus existed, but what really actually occurred is hard to say.

5. Robin Williams.

The only celebrity that died and I cried immediately when I found out. I saw him live on stage way back when, but to have him at the table, to ask him any question I want (although he might not answer them), would be pretty amazing.

6. Lady Gaga.

Uhm, yes. One of the most inspiring artists of all time? Please let me feed you. Please. I love watching her recent documentary, it motivates me. She’s so hard working and clearly touched by the Universe. I think it would be cool to just bask in her energy, even just for an evening.