Austin wedding photographer

Choosing Jenna as our wedding photographer was probably the best decision made throughout all the wedding planning. Planning a wedding is stressful…especially a destination wedding!! But having Jenna on point as our photographer was a HUMONGOUS relief. She traveled all the way to Jamaica with us and stayed for 3 days getting to know us, our family, and our vibe. She powered through the rain and took the most amazingly BEAUTIFUL pictures that I have ever been in!! (See my profile pic!!! #homaigah) I would like her to photograph me all the time 😉

Kristal & Josh

Jenna was totally wonderful to work with. She stayed on top of things pre-wedding (even when I didn’t!) and she was a fun and easy addition to the actual day. She kept us laughing throughout the portraits so even the staged photos look show candid happiness, and she nimbly navigated through some tricky interpersonal issues between family. Her shots turned out great- really captured the energy and vibe we were going for. 10/10 would recommend!!

Briana and Wes

She felt like someone who we knew for a very long time. She cracks jokes, she smiles a lot, and she is very natural with her camera. It’s like she was BORN to be a photographer and the camera chose her. Sort of like Lord of the Rings where the One ring chooses its owner. *My precious* She made us feel very comfortable during our engagement photoshoot and at our wedding. All of our wedding guests loved her spunky attitude and personality.

Sumi & Ethan