My momma once told me, “you can do anything for a year.

I’m about to embark on an endeavor that is intimidating AF. I’m going to finish my masters and I have to do it in the next year. My GI Bill expires in 2021, so I need to use the six months that is left over. I’d kick myself if I let free education go to the wayside, so I’ll be pursuing my Masters in Fictional Writing.

I never thought I would get a masters. Hell, I got my GED, so even getting a bachelors feels foreign and unlikely (even though I got it four years ago haha). I’ve take four classes for my masters already and really enjoyed it! Each class makes me a better writer, which is awesome. You know how sometimes you take classes that are lame and add nothing to your life? Not these!

I’m intimidated though. Masters classes are no joke! They’re intense and a reflection of a culmination of education you’ve had. I seem to take it more seriously than I ever did during my bachelors, which is a bit stressful. I can’t believe I’m in my thirties and still caring about great grades. LOL old habits and hard death, amirite?

To psych myself up, I think of what my momma told me. You can do anything for a year. That’s approximately how long it will take to finish my masters. I’ll also be working on my business, working on my standup dreams, writing hopefully. I’m in a happy healthy fulfilling relationship, for the first time in my life, so I’ll be settling in this new portion of my life. I’m going to take it day by day, for 365 days and see what happens. It’s going to get hard, there will be days I just want to hide from the world, but I know that I want this.

So here we go, into this new chapter of my life. I’m excited, nervous, hopeful, anxious. I’m excited to put the last couple years behind me, with all the enormously exhausting self-work. It’s time to level up, it’s time to take over the world.