Austin Texas Proposal Photographer
Austin Texas Proposal Photographer
Austin Texas Proposal Photographer

Looking for the best Austin Texas Proposal Photographer? You found her! 

You’ve been waiting for this moment since you met them; you begin planning, imagining, devising, fantasizing…what will their face look like? Will her eyes light up with joy? Will he begin to cry a little, too happy to say anything? Will she be speechless and drop to her knees in surprise? Or will he just scream out “YES YES YES!” and thrust his hand forward, ready for your gift?

I have extensive experience photographing proposals, whether you’re planning to do it in a park, a restaurant or even at a party. I’m a ninja incognito photographer, flitting from bush to tree, ready to celebrate with you!

I am LGBT friendly as well, so don’t hesitate! 

When to book: please book me ASAP. I have a full schedule with weddings, so planning ahead of time is key!

How: Usually, we do a lot of chatting ahead of time, to make sure your significant other doesn’t suspect a thing! Communication is key! I’m adventurous, so name the place/time and I’m there! Normally, it’s best to do something normal-like, so they don’t suspect a thing!

How much: Proposal photography, ninja skills, planning and 30 minutes of portrait time are included, all for $300!

Why: Why should you invest in a proposal photographer? Well, this moment is the beginning of the rest of your life. No pressure, huh? But really, could you imagine the delight and surprise your significant other will feel when they find out you caught their joy on camera? And not just some crappy untrustworthy iPhone, but a professional who is trained to do this! You’ll be the hero! 😉

Here is a blog post to a proposal I did. Here’s another one! This was also a great idea: get a girl dressed for a fun portrait shoot and pop the question so she looks fabulous!

I look forward to hearing from you and planning out your moment of glory! Please email me at or call 512-808-0220!

Austin Texas Proposal Photographer