wedding photographer austin

Congrats! You have found the best Badass Photographer! 

There is no prize except maybe solution and beer.

You’ve been looking for someone who is offbeat, bucks the norm, shakes their proverbial and literal fist at coloring between the lines. You don’t need an in-line-colorer in your life.

Haaaaaaaaaave you met Jenna? As in Jenna Avery? As in the Badass Photographer of Austin, Texas? She’s the chick in this photo with the out of focus weird face.

Please don’t judge her. She had been working for six hours in the summer heat already.

Why am I talking in third person?

Anyway, welcome to my website! Take a look around! LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANYTHING!

Full Day Wedding Coverage

I’m known for my full day wedding coverage! I love to be there from start (I don’t need to shower with you though…) to finish (up to the grand exit, you dirty bird!). Your wedding is a grandiose story that needs to be made in a legacy. A beautiful and sometimes cheesy AF legacy. I want to be there for all of it. I take my Creatrix Tribe very seriously. I even recently had my boyfriend point out how I tend to “marry” my clients, sometimes making them a priority over my own health. I take the job that seriously! I do this full time, so my job is literally to serve my clients.

I strongly, highly, truly, immensely, really suggest full day coverage. I offer kickass payment plans for all clients, as well as pricing that shouldn’t make you cry into your pillow at night.

Wedding Photographer Austin

International Travel 

If you ask anyone what my main hobby is, they’ll most likely say, “travel!” I’ve been to 25 countries, usually a badass solo traveler, soaking in a variety of cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I’ve struggled with the bathrooms in Morocco, fought with Italian men over crappy calamari, sobbed with gratuity in Prague at the wonderful life I’ve been given. I love travel. It transforms you, inspires the soul, changes your personality. To be blessed with all that AND WORK WITH CLIENTS? F*ck yessssssss. I have extensive experience with weddings, travel and travel weddings, so uhh, email me?

The links below are just a little bit of the traveling I’ve done while working!

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