About Jenna

Austin, Texas
9+ Years Photographing
30+ Countries
Currently working on: My Masters
A Smidge of Info

I can’t wait to meet you.

I’m Jenna, your neighborhood friendly Ravenclaw photographer. The word Creatrix means “creative femme” in Latin and while I now identify as non-binary, I’d like to think I still fit that description. I’ve been at this now for over nine years and I freakin’ love what I do. I’m passionate about my clients, almost to a fault. I’ve even had exes get jealous about it (they’re exes for a reason, right?). After years of searching, I’ve found my niche: everyday folx that just want an amazing love party and vibrant imagery to show it off. I don’t care how big or small your shindig is, what I really care about is celebrating our happy existence on this rotating rock called Earth.

I’m a recovering workaholic, with a new passion for writing. I’m chasing my Masters in Fiction right now, which takes up a lot of my free time. I’m big time passionate about self-improvement and putting into this world what I’d like to see. Currently reading The Miracle Morning and totally loving it!

I believe in multiple soul mates and one of mine is my sweet puppers Argo, a blue merle border collie. I love horror movies, fantasy fiction books and if the food ain’t flavorful, I don’t want it. I also love learning to cook new meals, it’s a great way to unwind after a long day of sitting on the couch in my jammies. I have major food allergies, so I’m also having to relearn what I can eat and what I enjoy. My newest favorite recipe is gluten free cinnamon rolls. Wanna come over and have some?

If you’re looking for an employee that you only speak to on the wedding day, please get to steppin’ cause we won’t jive. Give me your weird, your quirky, your outlandishness. I want to connect. I want to create some epic sh*t together.

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Things I love: All four legged beasts, a sunny spring day with a breeze, the smell of rain, The Bachelor (no shame), horror films, dystopian novels, writing, plot twists, EDM, Jon Bellion, working out, tattoos, piercings, uncensored communication, Star Wars AND Star Trek, my passport, eating anything delicious honestly, the color teal and stretching. Oh, and gluten free, dairy free, potato starch free carbs, you.