Check out this lovely wedding at The Sanctuary in Austin!!!

Man….this first quarter of 2020 has been crazy. I’ve been averaging about one breakdown a week, although I’m sure as my busy season ramps up…that average might climb. All of my international trips this year are cancelled. I miss the ocean. I need it bad. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on my life in Hawaii and honestly, I didn’t realize how lucky I was then. How when I had a bad day, I could just pull over and put my feet in the sand. I could baptize a heavy heart with salt water. I miss that. And don’t even recommend a trip to Corpus! I won’t baptize a heavy heart in poop-colored water! LOL!

Before I can be reborn though, I get to work with some incredible clients. Katie and Jayce were the first wedding of my spring busy season, getting married at The Sanctuary. It was a blessing to have such a chillax wedding, with wonderfully nice guests and obviously, kind and wonderful clients! The only really hiccup on the day was when Jayce fell in the driveway and ripped the pants of his custom suit! Peanuts compared to what could have occurred and honestly, no one really noticed until he pointed it out!

Of course, they used one of my favorite caterers, Pascals. All of the food was AMAZING and some of it was even gluten free! You KNOW that is what I like/need! 🙂

So enjoy this amazing wedding at The Sanctuary. It’s such an intimate wedding, with vibes that keep my clients relaxed. The last wedding I did there was Ashley and Guy’s, that was completely unforgettable. Ashley had even stayed there and did yoga that morning in the studio on site. If you’re looking for a venue that has nothing but smooth and chill vibes. The Sanctuary is the ticket!

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