Print Yo’ Photos Friend! 

You know what every home needs? Art. I’m a massive believer in art on the walls. I have this one multi-layered oil piece in my house that was hand-painted by an artist I fell in love with in New Orleans. It’s a funny story, actually. The artist’s name is Heather Petterson and I discovered her in my first trip to NOLA back in 2008. She was one of the many many artists hanging their wares on the black metal walls in Jack Square. The painting that stopped me in my tracks was full of violins. When I was a kid, I played violin, so it really called to me. I was so young back then though. It was about $100 and I thought it was too much. So I did what most do: I walked away. 

The painting haunted me through the day though, so a few hours later I returned to her spot. IT WAS GONE! The painting had been sold! Man, I was sad. I learned a very valuable lesson that day: if you fall in love with something…buy it. Life is too short to dream about things you wish you had. 

Then a few years later, she went back. I hunted for her, stalking the whole square but alas, no luck. Then in 2016, I went to NOLA for my thirtieth birthday. I had been in town for less than two hours and there I was….stalking Jackson Square. I knew within my heart of hearts I would recognize the art when it was presented to me. I went around each corner, determined to find her but disappointment waiting in the wings just in case. Finally, I reached the final side of the square and felt this heavy weight in my belly. She wasn’t there! I had vowed years before I would own one of her paintings, so I just figured I would find her next time. 

Wait. Could it be? I saw some art, literally at the end of the line, that caught my eye. Holy shit. I think this is it! I rush up to the art, lost in the swirls of vibrant paint and surrealism. A woman behind me tells me she’s here to help me if I need. I whirled around and probably way too loudly demanded to know if she was Heather Peterson. Can you imagine her surprise? When she confirmed that she was, I declared, “I am buying one of your paintings today!” 

I looked at all of them and fell in love with the one that hangs above my kitchen table now. It’s a 16×24 canvas painting of a large tree, with the canopy sweeping into the foreground, covered in every color of the rainbow. It’s gorgeous and I love looking at it even four years later. It was $500. Now, the *only* reason I’m telling you this, the price of the painting, is because I couldn’t afford it. I didn’t have $500 laying around in that moment of my life but I got it anyway. I knew this painting would make me feel good every time I looked at it and I was right. 

Imagine feeling that way every time you look at your portrait art on your walls. This painting feels good to own, because of the story and determination behind it. Your portrait art, whether it’s of your wedding or family, will make you feel the same way. I believe buying prints is an investment in your future. Lordt knows that life isn’t perfect and everyone has bad days. I can guarantee that. On days you love your partner but don’t like them (you KNOW what I’m talkin’ about)…your personal art can bring you back to that joyful moment. 

I offer high end prints through your gallery. Now, I understand the temptation of .20 prints from Shutterfly. Who doesn’t love a good sale?! However, my printer is better. I’m calibrated to that printer, which means your digital images will match the prints and vice versa. They’re printed on archival paper, which means they won’t yellow or fade over time. Of course, there is also the bonus of supporting a small business i.e. me! Fight capitalism, get your prints through me! 

There is also a common misconception that an 8×10 or 11×14 is a normal size. WRONG. A good piece of art STARTS at 16×24. An 8×10 is perfect for an end table but if you’re putting work up on the walls, make a statement. Declare your love for the moment. Heather Peterson had smaller paintings, but like any artist, I want my art to make a statement. 

Most people don’t have art on the walls, but I think that should change. Fill your home with happy memories, shake up the vibes, invest in your art. You won’t regret it, I promise.