It feels like just yesterday that I was signing up to do Groupon, in 2011. I remember how excited I was, selling 72 packages for pennies on the dollar and all required to be completed within three months. I think for those 72 sessions (I ended up doing 68 of them), all I made was maybe $2k. I bought a brand new couch and a brand new mattress, neither of which I own now.

I learned *so* much during that time period. My very first family session was this family, where literally no one smiled and the mother spanked her child in front of me. My very first wedding, booked for the price of free from Craigslist….I lost half of the images for three months. My second wedding, I didn’t even have them sign a contract and turns out, they were getting married secretly and I couldn’t even use the images.


My very first maternity session, I charged $1000 for *and they’re so horrific* I kind of want to message those clients back and offer a redo. haha!

Everyone has to start somewhere and I definitely was no exception. I look at the people in the industry now, able to begin at the ripe old age of eighteen. With the amount of workshops that our industry has poured out in the world, everyone is a photographer nowadays. Back then, though, CreativeLive was in its infancy and social media wasn’t required for business. Those were the good ol’ days….

P.S. here’s some of my shitastic work. Apologies to everyone that I made look like a zombie.

So here we are today, April 2019 and none of my clients look like zombies. Thank gods.

I’m excited to be here. So excited. I’ve worked so hard to get my business to where it is and I sincerely truly love my job. I lead a good life and I’m grateful for all of my clients that helped me get here, whether it was in Hawaii, Europe or Texas.

I’ve done weddings all over the world and this May, I’m celebrating my 300th wedding in Mexico! Does it get any better than that??! So I wanted to do something super special. I love giving back and I love traveling. That’s when I thought, “hey, why not give away wedding coverage to someone who deserves it?!!?”

Watch this video for more info:

This incredible offer is valued at $3500+!


– You MUST have a first look or the love party equivalent
– You MUST give at least a cumulation of one hour for couples portraits
– You cannot be racist or sexist. This is an inclusive LGBT owned company, but there is a zero tolerance policy for racism, homophobia, transphobia or any other human-related phobia that results from never actually stepping out of your comfort zone.

Send a video, two minutes or less, to

It doesn’t have to be fancy! I’m not a videographer, I don’t care about those things!

Be sure to highlight what makes your relationship unique, where you’re getting married, WHEN you’re getting married and why photography is important to you.

Applications open April 1st and the deadline is April 25th. Winner will be announced April 30th.

Best of luck!!!

*A full day of wedding photography is nine consecutive hours of coverage and includes edited images. Images come with a print release for 8×10 prints and smaller. Restrictions may apply. Client is responsible for possible visas. A la carte options available if you need more than just nine hours of coverage. A model release agreement is required.