The Pride Shindig

Are you excited?!!? You should be!

Brought to you by Creatrix Photography and Bride’s Best Friend.

Back in 2019, The Pride Shindig was launched. 2020 was a mess. 2021 is comin’ out swinging! 

Not familiar with this rad event? Check out the blog from 2019!

Raise your hand if you’re tired of the same ol’ wedding event. Size Two * White * Hetero. Of course, it’s 2021 and things are changing. Yet, there is still a fear—a very valid one—that you’ll reach out to a vendor and instead of receiving a pricing guide, they preach skewed bible verses and/or are suddenly busy. Weddings/love parties are stressful enough without facing rejection from strangers. Facebook does that job well enough, amirite?

In 2019, Creatrix Photography set out to create a boutique wedding expo that catered specifically to the LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as other underserved demographics. Of course, all people are welcome. Regardless of size, race, orientation, relationship style—it doesn’t matter. As long as you value equality and inclusivity, this is the place for you to come and of course, brunch it up with us!

Did someone mention brunch? Why yes! In fact, the 2021 theme is Sparkle & Brunch. Glitter galore (minus the stuff that keeps on giving) with some sparkly booze and yummy noshes. We’re hosting Hecho & Queso again, who mentioned something about a fountain with edible glitter…

The list of vendors is impending as we gather our curated list. While not all of our favorites are able to attend, Creatrix Photography keeps a running list of LGBT+ friendly vendors in Austin you should check out!


Please reserve your free tickets here: Eventbrite link

The Important Deets

Date: 3/21/21

Place: Chateau Bellevue

Time: 11AM – 4PM 

Note: All vendors are handpicked for their inclusivity policies and commitment to equality. You can chat with them in-person or reach out later. Regardless of when, they’re thrilled to work with you. 


Masks are mandatory when not consuming the delicious noshes. Vendors will be spaced out in the gorgeous venue to ensure ease and comfort. 


I'm straight. Am I allowed to come?

Absofreakinlutely! The Pride Shindig was created specifically to fill the gaps within the wedding/love party industry that ignored underserved demographics. Every race, orientation, size, disability and relationship dynamic is welcome at The Pride Shindig LGBT wedding expo.  

Do I need to purchase a ticket?

Yes, please! We have some amazing vendors that are making sure you’re watered and fed with delish foods. It’s better for them to have a close estimate of attendees. However, if you spontaneously decide to show on the day, you’re still very welcome. The more, the merrier! 

Are children invited?

Definitely! Please make sure to have total control over them at all times. We love little humans—we just don’t want them getting hurt! 

How should I prepare for this event?

Make sure to buy a ticket for you and whoever is coming along. If you’re hoping to connect with vendors, it’s advisable to create a custom email to pass out. Save your daily inbox, as well as your sanity! Everything in one place is very helpful! Oh, and bring along that love of glitter. Wear bright/glittery clothes if you want!! 

What does my ticket include?

A day out in the world within the parameters of Covid safety! We will have snacks (courtesy of multiple caterers!) and drinks for you (courtesy of Drink Slingers!). Music will be lifting the spirits as well. Oh and don’t forget the sparkle! 

Vendors are thrilled to meet you!!


  • Chateau Bellevue
  • Rambling Rose Ranch (LGBT Owned)


  • Bride’s Best Friend (Co-Host and LGBT Owned)


  • Hecho and Queso (Returning Vendor)
  • Urban Cowboy (LGBT Owned)


  • Creatrix Photography (Co-Host and LGBT Owned)
  • Rob August Photography
  • Amy Dang Photography


  • Lace and Grace


  • Cakes Rock! (Returning Vendor)
  • Crema


  • Drinkslingers (LGBT Owned)

Hair and Makeup

  • LUX Beauty and Bridal (LGBT Owned)



  • Cloud Craft Studios (A Creatrix Partner)
  • Emberwild Films

Vendors That Will Add Spice to Your Event

  • Austin Yard Games
  • The Balloon Collective (Returning Vendor)
  • The Traveling Photobooth (Returning Vendor)


  • Premiere Event Rentals


  • True Love Weddings (Bilingual)


  • DJ Brian Weber
  • Sienna Strings


  • Remi + Gold
  • 3 of Cups