I LOOOOOVE elopements. I’ve also been doing business in Hawaii for almost five years and I’ve written this blog to tell you about the best vendors for elopements in hawaii. I’ll be honest, I don’t like a lot of vendors here on island. They’re cliquish, rude and often don’t respond to emails for daaaayyyyssss. So when I suggest a vendor, I stand by their professionalism and quality! I’ve worked with them plenty of times to know they’re the best and if you book them for your elopement, you can’t go wrong. Just keep in mind that these people kick ass and will need to be booked in advance!


James Chun
Hawaii Wedding Minister

I seriously love James. He’s always on time, communicates with clients and EVERY time, he proves time and time again that he cares about his clients. He wears a kind smile, personalizes the ceremony and I’ve never had a client complain about him. Check out his website and tell him I sent you!

Passion Roots
Passion Roots Website
Passion Roots is always on time, creates gorgeous floral arrangements and…they’re just simply beautiful. I’ve worked with them many times (but not enough!) and they’ve just done some great work! Book them early, I’m not the only one obsessed!

Louise Moriarty
Love letter Weddings
Louise and I met over smoothies I think it was two years ago? I adore her. She does some pretty amazing DIY stuff for her clients and I LOVE working with her. She creates gorgeous events and I’m pretty sure Pinterest is her spirit animal.

Makeup Artist
Sarah Obringer
Whik’d Hawaii
Sarah and I had about a dozen clients back to back before we realized that her ideal clients were my ideal clients. I’m a bit obsessed with her, honestly. Her makeup lasts through rain, tears and heat. She’s kind and a cheap therapist. haha Her work speaks for itself though, because she’s booked months in advance. But I can always tell when she does the makeup and trust me, you will too.


Me, duh.
My Website
I’m pretty kickass, but I’m also biased. I do love elopements though, they’re my favorite. I love the one-on-one time I get with clients, the creative control I’m usually given, the gorgeous locations I’m allowed to suggest. So hire me, if you want the best!!

Jenna Leigh Photography