If you’ve read enough of my blogs, you know I tend to start them with exclaiming “HOW IS IT THIS PARTICULAR MOMENT IN TIME ALREADY!” Normally, this just makes me look absentminded. Luckily, during quarantine, it’s entirely acceptable to have zero clue what day it is. Let me tell you, April was the longest day of my life. I don’t remember much of it, honestly. I did, however, pick up two new hobbies! I am now the proud owner of a small balcony garden (and I mean small) and started playing the Ukulele. I’m actually doing pretty well at the Ukulele, since I played violin for four years when I was younger. Honestly, I’m not sure why it took this long to pick up another instrument to play. I never really liked the violin, hence not playing it through high school. The better question is, how come I didn’t learn to play it during the entire decade I lived in Hawaii??

Either way, it’s been really fun noodling around with Josh, watching YouTube videos and work on cord transitions. I’ve even learned the Island Strum already! As for gardening, my wee babe green bean sprouts make me so proud!!! That first morning, when the bits of baby green popped out of the soil, I fist pumped with joy. My cilantro is constantly struggling on the window sill, but coming next week, I might actually have green beans to eat! I’ve NEVER made anything I can eat before, so I’m looking forward to that modest feast.

Quarantine has taught me a lot about myself. Turns out, I’m not quite ready for it to be over. Sure, I want to work and of course, I don’t want people to starve and go into debt. But if this experience could be in my own personal vacuum, I wish I could always have an excuse for not responding to emails quicker. I want to find ways to put these new hobbies as a priority. Quarantine has shown me how little balance I have and hopefully, it has shown others too. This whole clusterfuck could be turned into a valuable learning lesson, if we just let it.

Either way, the landscape of 2020 is completely altered. Now, I’ll be able to finish my masters without constant stream of work that needs to be edited, which is nice. I’ve been writing almost every day, which is good. I’m currently burnt out on writing at home, which sucks. Otherwise, I’m almost done with a complete rewrite/edit of the polyamory romance novel I did in 2018. It’s going to be my thesis, actually.

It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of May goes. Share in the comments how you’ve survived this insanity! Did you start a garden too???