You know what I love? Cinnamon sugar anything. Seriously. Know what I love just as much cinnamon sugar anything? PUPPIES. I’ve been obsessed with dogs for most of life. I even owned a dog training company in my early twenties, as well as running a non-profit for pit bulls. One of my favorite parts of dog ownership is training. Also, puppies. Gosh, puppies are the best. They think the world is their oyster, with wide-eyed trust and adoration of any human they see. I’ve had puppy fever for a while, starting with my wedding where the bride had puppies instead of bouquets. I’ve been so swamped with life, between my masters, kids and the pandemic. My plan was a puppy after my masters was done, because I would have more time then.

Then one Wednesday, around 5pm, a voice in my head told me to check craigslist. Did you know craigslist is still around? Me either. Turns out, it’s alive and well! Third ad from the top was for F1BB Mini Goldendoodle Puppies. Now, I have lots of opinions about adoption and breeders, but this blog isn’t about that. It’s about discovering a new breed that makes your heart race a million miles a second, feeling like you NEED this animal. That’s how I felt when I saw Potato in that lame low-resolution photo. I lost my damn mind. 100% of my animals ever have been impulsively acquired. I’ve told Josh on more than one occasion that he shouldn’t be surprised if I come home with a puppy one day. So, he definitely wasn’t shocked when I declared I needed to rescue this puppy from a stranger who CLEARLY would never be able to love him the way I could love him. LOL

Two hours later, he was in my arms. I’m in love, y’all. He’s about one pound and nothing but soft curls. Of course, I absolutely forgot what it’s like to potty train and those first few days were an adjustment. Lucky for me, Potato is a quick learner and already grasps the concept, even if his little sphincter muscles aren’t strong enough yet to be fully potty trained. He’s so sweet and goofy, with a happy little golden retriever smile. He sleeps with us in bed, curled up in my neck. I’m like a newborn mother, fretting over every little noise or the color of his poop or how people interact with him. I make no apologies. Good dogs are made through careful choices and training methods. I’m excited to see his personality grow as I introduce him to different things.

He’s just the most perfect little thing, adding actual joy to this tedious and difficult year. I can’t wait to see what kind of teddy bear he grows up into. I’m even thinking of building him an Instagram, because why not? LOL

So everyone, meet Potato or Tate or Tater Tot or maybe when he’s older, Po.

F1BB Mini Goldendoodle Puppies