Welcome! Let’s make some magic together.

I’m Andre, originally grew up in Germany and then moved to the United States in 2000. In school I was very passionate about music which eventually led me to study Music Education in college. I wanted to teach music and connect with people but realized that I enjoyed the art of music more than I enjoyed teaching music and decided to pursue other passions. In 2002, my daughter Sophia came into this world. The Universe really proves that life will take you down many roads. Eventually I entered the medical field and became a paramedic, which I currently am still today. In all aspects I love connecting with people, being creative, and truly experiencing the best out of life. Photography has truly been a medium to bridge helping people and creativity.

My journey as a photographer began when I saw amazing night time city scape images on social media. After talking with my local camera shop, they pointed me in the direction of my first camera a Canon 70D with a 50mm F1.8 prime lens. As any seed that you plant and water, it grew to what is today. I would describe my personality as fun and outgoing. I love to laugh and that is an absolute necessity for me when working with clients. Laughter is required on my photoshoots as I feel that is truly the best way to capture those candid moments that I love.

Some interesting facts about me:
 I run a menswear blog on my Instagram.
 I know how to play the trombone
 I’m Greek
 My favorite movie is Hitch

I generally spend my free time spending time with my daughter, friends, watching Netflix, listening to podcasts, or eating haha. I really look forward to being part of your moment and capturing it through my lens.

He was incredibly professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Like Jenna, he is very easygoing and made us feel comfortable and relaxed while taking pictures. All the guests at our wedding adored both Andre and Jenna.
Lauren and Justin