What beautiful LGBT Austin Engagement Photos!

So during the summer, I realized that there is a difference between clients that just want simple and fun Austin engagement photography. Then there are clients that want a real adventure. That’s where my Adventum sessions come into play! It’s a way to get creative, take our time to make real art and of course, have a friggin’ blast! If you check out the link, you’ll see that I have a list of ideas and places of things I’d love to do. Which brings me to this super rad and fantastic Adventum session with Danial and Austin. We chatted over Zoom for a bit and discussed a few different ideas. Water balloons were perfect, because not only did Austin once surprise Daniel with a water balloon fight, they’re going to have water slides at their wedding. Let me repeat that: water slides at their wedding. Have you ever heard of such a thing??

One of the things I’d love to do more of are LGBT Austin Engagement Photos just like these. We started off at Brushy Creek Lake Park. It’s still beautiful and perfect weather in Austin right now. It’s “fall” here, which means it isn’t 90 degrees right now. The weather has been stunning, really. I mean, so I see outside my window. Because right now, I’m doing an internship, accepted a board position and of course, working my ass off to keep the business afloat in these insane times. Basically, sometimes it boils down to just focusing on things hour by hour and at best, day by day. The good news is that I finally finished my fiction novel! It was so awesome to do that and then head out the door to do these amazing LGBT Austin Engagement Photos!!! Thanks again to Austin and Daniel for being champs. We shot for three hours (great photos take time!) but it was totally and entirely worth it!!