Hit me up for your Austin LGBT Wedding! Cause I’m the beeeest!

(said in a bro voice, naturally)

It’s officially the beginning of my busy season again! I spent the majority of August working on myself and relationships. I have been learning different ways to implement self-care into my routine I find myself surprised. I’m getting up at 7am every day and working until at least 9:30am is one way I’m doing it. My theory is that if I work at least two hours a day EVERY day, it will prevent binge working. It usually ends where I do 12 hours of work and crash the remainder of the week. It’s not productive or helpful. This is my first week starting it, so only time will tell how it works, but I’m hopeful!

I’m excited for my upcoming busy season! It ends with ll of the fun weddings heading my way. I’m also ready for 2017 to be over. Like, over. I entered 2017 with perhaps not a full grasp on what it would be like to shoot over 40 weddings, while working a lot on my personal life. I’m excited to find a balance!

So one of the things I take pride in is that I become friends with my clients. It’s the way I’ve always done it and in the end, I have had some of the most amazing relationships form. Jason and Eric, they’re a great example! When they met me at the wedding expo last year.  they booked me four hours later, confident that I was their dream photographer. What a validating way to receive the message that my hard work is worth it!  Alas, I kept bugging them to get drinks with me and they kept being super distracted. LAME GUYS! So *finally* we went to get their engagement session done at Casa Blanca! We went to get drinks afterwards at The Brass Tap and I just remember Jason going, “why haven’t we done this sooner?”

Guyyysssssss. LOL

I’m excited for their wedding coming up. It’s in November at Casa Blanca, when it’ll be cooler outside, thank gods. They’ve been together for over ten years, so really, it’s time. IT’S TIME. Here’s to wild shindigs and happy days. If you’re looking to book a photographer for your wedding, check out my Gratus Collection and see if it’s a fit for you!
lgbt gay couple cuddling at casa blanca
lgbt couple in creek
happy gay couple posing for engagement session
Austin LGBT Wedding
happy lgbt couple posing for their engagement session at casa blanca in austin
Austin LGBT Wedding
sunset engagement session lgbt couple
Austin LGBT Wedding