Once upon a time, there was a young girl completely obsessed with Harry Potter. She coveted her copies of the books, carrying around a binder filled with arbitrary clues, determined to track J.K. Rowling’s brainwaves before anyone else. This young girl grew up to be an adult low-key obsessed with Harry Potter, resigned to being a muggle, but determined to keep dreaming. She was there from the beginning to the end, reading the last book in eight hours, sobbing when it was over.

/cheesy AF shit

Florida came at a time that I needed it most. When Brian and I needed it most. In June, I started therapy, looking to address jealousy and possessiveness that were rearing their ugly heads in my poly life. Alas, it started an avalanche about my dad. Color me surprised because I truly thought I had dealt with all of that, especially after I wrote my book. Turns out, I had only begun to dig up the bodies. That’s the thing about poly…it forces you to deal with your shit. Unfortunately, grave digging is ugly business.

And it’s emotionally expensive.

I needed this trip to Florida, to take a couple days to relax and unwind. We stayed with Brian’s mom, who is downright lovely. He brought me to the salon, to dye my hair blue, which I think is the jump-start I needed to get back on track. To get back to myself.

At actual Harry Potter World…I started smiling again. I soaked in all of the work Universal put into this small corner of the world where magic was real and Butterbeer was life changing. I was able to pour over the wands at Ollivander’s and chose Xenophilius Lovegood’s wand, which reminds me of a Unicorn horn. It now sits right by me on my desk, reminding me of the great day we had.

I’m really grateful we planned this trip a few months back. We have Amsterdam coming up in February, for which we’ve been saving for months. It’s gonna be AMAZING. I’m hoping to bring travel back into my life. 2017 was dedicated to cemetery management. 2018 is about planting seeds.