Man, I dunno about you but I LOVE Halloween. More than any holiday, actually. I’m probably like most people this year, wishing for Halloween and knowing it’ll be a bit different than normal. However, we don’t need to let that stop us! A couple weeks ago, I began to brainstorm how to bring some Halloween cheer to my clients. Most of y’all aren’t even that into other holidays but I KNOW my clients love Halloween, for the most part. Since we can’t do parties in person right now, I came up with the next best thing!


Okay, okay…sure, that doesn’t sound super exciting. However, let me entice you with two words: Mystery Box. That’s right, I’ve taken the time to develop a super fun mystery box for the event. How does it work? Well, the few days before the event, you’ll receive your box. DON’T OPEN IT. Inside are some goodies and items for a surprise event during the party! We’ll open our boxes together and trust me, you’ll love it! On top of that, I’m going to host a costume party, where you use the items you have at home. There will be prizes for the best and most creative costumes! No pressure if you just want to dress up in PJs as an IDGAF Quarantine Netflix Binger. I’d just love to see you!

Even better, for my introverts, it’s only a couple hours! Get dressed upish, open your Mystery Box and let the fun rage for approximately 120 minutes!

The caveat is that I can only host 12 couples. That’s it. So you need to RSVP ASAP. Here is the lovely link, which I’m also emailing to folxs. You *must* already be a Creatrix Wedding Client.

Happy Creepy Holidays!