What does the most perfect day of your life look like?

Take a moment to think of your top five. Roll them around in your head…what do they feel like? Smell like? Look like?

As an avid traveler, I cherish the moments where I can pause for a moment, breathe in deep with eyes closed…absorbing my surroundings on a molecular level. If I can, I’ll take one or two photos with my camera, just so I can transport back to it for a moment on a random Wednesday. There was a photo I took in Thailand back in 2014…a simple iPhone photo (yes I use my iphone too!) can bring me back to that perfect sunrise, on an elephant sanctuary, with a cup of tea in my hand.

That one photo, with a momentary glance, brings me to what it was like to hear the elephants squeak good morning to the world. I recall watching a rescue cat pad across the soft dirt, undoubtedly hunting for breakfast. I sometimes think I can still hear the birds chirping or the rescue dog packs barking. The smell of hibiscus in the air, sweet and punchy.

A single photo holds a lot of memory. A blanket of sensations locked away in your brain.

Imagine have more than 400+ photos of a single day. Each one meaningful, a unique moment in time.

Could you imagine the ability to really truly relive it in twenty years?

What a gift to yourself. 


I’m so passionate about my job, letting my deep respect for commitment pair with my obsession for expressive and joyful moments in life. To me, photographing a good wedding with good people…it reminds me of that meal I had in Poland once. Freshly made chicken breast with a lemon cream sauce (not a dry section to be had!), steamed veggies with a sprinkling of spices and a mulled wine that made my eyes water. I sat there for an hour, savoring the way the flavors played on my tongue, the way the mulled wine stung my nose with burned off alcohol.

So I photograph your wedding like I would that perfect meal in a foreign country; each photo I take is meant to capture textures, plays of light, moments you close your eyes to absorb your changing life.

The thing is…I’ve been doing this job for almost seven years. At this point, I know exactly what my dream wedding client’s day would be like. I want to not only photograph more days like that, I want to photograph YOUR wedding day with each moment savored in a way you could never expect.

So here is a happy introduction to the Gratus Collection!

The collection is only $2300 plus tax. What’s that? It’s affordable, especially for someone of my caliber? Why thank you! But it comes with certain conditions, all of which need to be met. This collection isn’t for everyone and that’s okay.

You Get:

  • Eight hours of coverage
  • Complimentary engagement session
  • All edited images delivered via online gallery
  • One Photographer


  • No videographer
  • First Look before ceremony
  • Unplugged wedding ceremony
  • I must be consulted a minimum of two months prior to the wedding day for the timeline.
  • There must be a minimum of one hour of couples photography throughout the day, time can be split up reasonably.
  • Eight hours of coverage
  • I bring an assistant
  • Photography coverage ends by 10pm. Sparkler exits are an additional $200 for insurance and safety purposes.
  • No Pinterest boards permitted
  • All hair and makeup must be done on-site prior to wedding. HMUA’s are the leading causes of late weddings, in my experience. Keeping everything on-site will minimize this issue as much as possible.

And that’s it. Nothing crazy, nothing insane. It doesn’t include a second shooter, that can be added later if needed. Additional hours can be added for additional fees. Violation of any of these, without prior discussion, will result in a hefty fee.

I really want to help build a day for my clients that brings out my prime abilities. It minimizes stressors, hiccups and issues I’ve seen throughout my extensive career. This collection is only for people who really value photography and also, they have flexibility in being able to choose this collection. Some weddings, like catholic weddings, do not permit this kind of collection. That’s totally fine! Usually my Amaris Collection is perfect for that!

If you think this collection is perfect for you, EMAIL ME NOW. Let’s get the ball rollin’. I’m still only doing three weddings a month next year, so snag your date before someone else does. 64 people were left disappointed in the last year, because they didn’t email me fast enough. Yes, I counted.

Interested? Go ahead and Contact me! and we can get the ball rollin’!

affordable wedding photographer austin
affordable wedding photographer austin