You know what? Being in this industry for as long as I have, I’ve seen allllll kinds of favors. Some are lame enough, that guests leave them behind. Some of them are so amazing, everyone wants to snatch one! My personal favorite are personalized koozies (I always take one home!), but when Forever Wedding Favors sent me these amazing favors to photograph. It was like Christmas, opening the box! You know what makes the best favors? Completely usable and functional gifts!

First, let me show you these amazing POLAR BEAR SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS!

Forever Wedding Favors

I mean, how adorable are these? Totally perfect for a winter wedding!

Then we have this beautiful wine bottle cork opener. Ooolala! It’s like an inception of wine! Wine opening the wine so you can drink the wine!

Forever Wedding Favors

I threw two different favors into this photo, mainly to see if I could make them magically support one another. One is a cork for the wine you open with the wine opener above but the gold heart? That opens your beer, so you can double fist with wine and beer!


Finally, HOW ADORABLE are these little light lamps. Perfect for centerpieces! Fill them with candles or fairy lights, but either way, perfect way to set ambiance!

Forever Wedding Favors

I also love this personalized bag they sent! A for Avery…or Awesome! haha!

Make sure to check out their Travel and Adventure favors as well! Have a wonderful time planning your big day!