The Best Austin Wedding Venues!

Here are some of the Best Austin Wedding Venues! 

sorta….some are outside Austin. hah! 

A lot of people are a bit overwhelmed with the seemingly infinite options for Austin wedding venues. What amenities do they have? What backdrop for your ceremony is ideal? How many people will it fit? As a photographer, I want to know what kind of lighting is in the bridal suite, how clean it looks, what the venue coordinator’s attitude is like. Do they care about creating beautiful scenery for photos? Is there parking specifically for vendors that aren’t a mile away? What care has been put into the nighttime ambiance, so I can do night shots? These are just the top of the questions you want to ask when shopping for Austin wedding venues.

There is a massive variety in what is considered the best Austin wedding venues and it’s hard to know where to start. I’m definitely not saying I know everything about anything, really, but I can perhaps give you a good start on what Austin wedding venues could possibly be a good fit for you! I also recently did a blog on my favorite caterers and my favorite cake makers. Make sure to check those out for some further guidance!

Stone House Ranch

Talk about a fantastic Austin wedding venue. Rianne is an amazing venue owner and puts some serious work into this space. The bridal suite is filled with light and there is some decent space to get ready. There are big huge wide amazing spaces for photography, a really neat spot for the groom’s getting ready space and the reception area is gorgeous. It’s also perfect for bridal portraits! They also have amazing pricing for those looking for an affordable Austin ranch venue!


Vista West Ranch

This is one of my favoritest of all the Austin wedding venues and simply don’t get to shoot here enough! Vista West Ranch has a GORGEOUS getting ready space, for both sides of the couple. One is light and airy, the other is more masculine. The space has stunning light, superb ceremony space, and perfect reception space for a small to medium-sized wedding. One of my favorite weddings there was Tonya and Ernesto’s rad shindig a couple of years ago. Even in mid-July, Vista West Ranch is a stunner!

Austin Wedding Venues

King River Ranch

Okay, so this isn’t quite an Austin wedding venue, but King River Ranch is my *favorite*. Sad news? I’ve only shot here once. The impression it left was lasting AF though. The venue owner was beyond accommodating, “just give me a thirty-minute heads up if you want to use a horse!” and my clients were treated like royalty. The bridal suite is *incredible* and the whole grounds is one unfathomably beautiful spot after another. I could shoot here allllll day. I haven’t shot here since 2017 so if someone wants to make my year, book me to shoot here!! 

Gardens of Cranesbury View

Carina and Ernie’s wedding was such an insanely fantastic experience at this venue. The owner wanted to replicate a European feel in New Braunfels, Texas and boy….she nailed it. The reception site is intended to mimic an old English chapel, the gardens have a French garden feel and the grounds have so many twists and turns of beauty, I couldn’t capture it all in one day. HIGHLY recommend this place! I’m dying to go back to this venue, it’s that gorgeous! Plus, my drone is itching to fly above some of those amazingly designed spaces! 

Austin Wedding Venues
Austin Wedding Venues

Texas Old Town

You’ve probably heard of Texas Old Town by now, with multiple venue options and affordable pricing for the country bride, but in case you haven’t….check it out. There are four different halls, to meet your various needs and aesthetics. The grounds are kept immaculate and they’ve done really great improvements in the feel of the place. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of the getting ready locations, there is a serious shortage of windows. But if you’re looking for a solid country feel in the man choices for Austin wedding venues, Texas Old Town is where it’s at!

The Cathedral

I photographed at The Cathedral for the first time this year and just gasped when I stepped in. It’s so CUTE on the inside! It’s a multi-functional space, perfect for a variety of events. It’s more for intimate-style weddings, especially if you want to elope in Austin with your nearest and dearest. Best of all, it has parking! Can’t beat that! 

The Cathedral

Springdale Station

What a stunning East Austin wedding venue. Frankly, I just simply love the ambiance inside the venue. There isn’t a good getting ready spot for more than a couple of people, but the chic industrial feel inside is unparalleled in East Austin. It has a parking lot in the back, so you aren’t competing with the nearby brewery and bouldering spot. My clients Corinne and Michael really loved their day there too! 

Cypress Valley Event Center

Looking for a naturally beautiful site for a smaller wedding? Looking for a stunning Austin event venue in general? What about having a wedding night in a treehouse? Cypress Valley Event Center is just the ticket for the outdoorsy simplistic couple. I’ve done a few elopements there as well, which it is absolutely perfect for! It’s a bit chilly in winter but still absolutely beautiful!

Prospect House

Looking for a modern venue that offers a blank slate for your wedding vision? Prospect House is the ticket! Plenty of parking, decent getting ready spaces (no windows and I love windows) and an iconic ceremony site that is memorable. I love the light and grounds of this space, plus the reception hall is also PERFECT for a customized reception. Too hot outside? Everything can be indoors too!

The Addison Grove

Woowee, if there was ever a perfect venue, this might be there at the top. The bridal suite is made of wedding dreams. Whoever designed this venue clearly consulted different vendors, because it’s well lit, spacious and even has hooks in ideal spots to hang a dress! It’s even toasty warm on a freezing cold December day. Make sure to stop by Amanda and Ben’s wedding day, to see the real magic we made!

Austin Wedding Venues

Barr Mansion

Man. Barr Mansion is *stunning*. It’s definitely at the top of luxury wedding venues on the very long list of Austin wedding venues, with sweeping grounds, a stunning Victorian home, and a reception hall that is something out of a fairy tale. While I haven’t done a wedding there (yet), I was able to do a breathtaking engagement session there. As you’ll see, if you click the link, the sunsets are unparalleled there.

And those are *some* of my favorite 

Austin wedding venues! 

Naturally, there are a billion more. Dozens are starting up every year in Austin, Dripping Springs and the surrounding areas. I’m positive you’ll find your dream venue in no time!

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