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Creatrix Photography is the premiere badass yet affordable Austin Wedding Photographer, but could also be your dream Austin Texas Engagement Photographer to make stunning and offbeat save-the-dates! Doesn’t matter, we’ll rock it out either way!

I’M POLY/LGBT/VAMPIRE/WICCAN/PAGAN/AMISH/TATTOOED/SOME-MY-GRANDMOTHER-IS-UNCOMFORTABLE-WITH. WILL YOU WORK WITH ME? Uh duh. As a poly tattooed agnostic pink haired lady, your people are my people.

I’M NOT POLY/LGBT/VAMPIRE/WICCAN/PAGAN OR ANYTHING ELSE. I’M JUST A HUMAN. WILL YOU STILL WORK WITH ME? Uh duh. Just be a cool peep that like to be chill and not judge. That’s all we ask.

DO YOU OFFER DISCOUNTS? I price myself competitively and within the lines of running a business, so no discounts. We can guarantee we will take care of you! Sometimes we run specials around expo times, but no guarantees!

DO YOU DO THIS FULL TIME? Since day 1, Jenna has run Creatrix Photography as a full time business. At one point, she also went to school for my bachelors full time while doing business, but she never had to ask a manager for time off to photograph a wedding.

HOW MANY WEDDINGS HAVE YOU DONE? Jenna has completed over 200, in a variety of cultures, countries and guest counts. Andre has done over 20+!

DO YOU TRAVEL? Heck yes! We’re experienced travelers and very good on our feet!

DO YOU OFFER PAYMENT PLANS? Yes yes yes! Weddings can be expensive, so we try to make it as easy as possible for potential clients. The retainer is $700, depending on the collection. Then we build a payment plan just for you. It’s often monthly payment plans, with the final payment due between 14 days prior to the big day.

DO YOU ACCEPT CASH/CHECK/CREDIT CARD? We have a wonderful automatic system, that does everything electronically. We do not accept checks, but cash can be negotiated in certain circumstances. Credit card payments are preferable.

DO YOU PHOTOGRAPH LGBT COUPLES? DUH! Love is love crazy pants! In fact, we are not interested in working with people who are against gay marriage. This is a queer owned business.

HOW MANY IMAGES WILL I RECEIVE? As many good ones come out, with an average of 300-600 images for full day weddings. We do not put a numerical limit on your images. That’s an asshole thing to do.

HOW QUICKLY WILL I GET THE IMAGES?Within four weeks of the wedding day.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: WHAT IS YOUR HARRY POTTER HOUSE? Jenna is a Ravenclaw, with a touch of Hufflepuff.

I’M SOLD! YOU’RE BADASS! WHAT’S NEXT? Email me and let’s get you booked! I can’t wait to work with you!