Know someone who might want to hire me as their destination wedding photographer somewhere in the world? Read below!

Since I moved to Austin, I wanted to find a way to create a badass referral program. It was harder to do word of mouth marketing in Hawaii, because Susie in California might have loved me for her Oahu Elopement, but her friend Carol wasn’t going to get married in Hawaii and didn’t want to pay for my travel.

You suck, Carol.

Being in Texas means I can travel ANYWHERE in the world, for MUCH cheaper than an average flight from the Hawaiian Islands. It’s a big reason I moved here. I want to lock in the Caribbean market and if you book me to somewhere in South America? Good lord, the things I would do for it. Anyway, I wanted to do something unique, while appealing to my average client. My average client loves travel but…how do I convince them they need to go beyond, “Hey Carol, remember that one photographer? Here’s her website.”

::drum roll::

I am now gifting YOU a $150 Southwest Airlines Gift Card for every six hour event that books me and mentions you sent them. It’s pretty simple and easy math.

The magic of it all is that you only need to send me TWO referrals that book me for six hours or more…and you get a round trip ticket paid for, just by telling everyone how amazing I am! It’s not hard, it’s just simple science.

Please let me emphasize that this referral program is available for ANYONE. This includes wedding vendors, friends, family, past or even future clients. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where my cable bill money comes from, all that matters is that I don’t miss a single episode of Game of Thrones.

I will be using this referral program for the foreseeable future. So get out there hustling people!